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Dutch Passion start shipping cannabis seeds to South Africa


African landscape and Dutch Passion seeds


Dutch Passion is pleased to announce that their cannabis seeds can now be shipped to South Africa. South African customers can place orders on the Dutch Passion website and select standard or express shipping. Payment can be made with the usual credit cards, bank transfer or Bitcoins and customers can choose from any of the seeds in the Dutch Passion collection with no restrictions.

South African cannabis growers can choose from Dutch Passion’s award-winning collection of autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, and CBD rich seeds. Dutch Passion also has a full collection of regular seeds (non-feminized) as well as specialized outdoor seed varieties.

South African cannabis fans are currently seeing exciting progress with cannabis laws. Recently South Africa’s first cannabis dispensary was opened in Durban, though patients require a doctors prescription prior to any visit. It is hoped that more freedom and flexibility will be given to medical cannabis users in the coming years. In March 2017, in a case brought before Judge Dennis Davis of the Western Cape High Court, ruled that any law preventing the use and cultivation of cannabis by an adult in a private dwelling was unconstitutional and therefore invalid. That’s because of the infringement of the constitutional right to privacy. This decision must still be confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

Dutch Passion cannabis seeds can also be purchased from Green Smoke Room Seeds (Johannesburg) and Bongalong. The up-to-date list of approved South African seed resellers is here.

Dutch Passion congratulates South African cannabis growers on their emerging new freedoms. Buy your cannabis seeds online from Dutch Passion and get ready to grow some top quality home grown cannabis!

August 1st 2018

Recent comments (3)

On 29 -09-2018 at 01:44 u Jody wrote:
Dutch passsion I awesome with the variety of seeds

On 14 -11-2018 at 16:00 u Justin wrote:
Hi Hope you are well I would like to buy seeds from you However when I go to the delivery option there is no SOUTH AFRICA as an option However your website says you now deliver in South Africa Would you be able to help

On 20 -11-2018 at 14:50 u Eddy wrote:
Justin, 14th Nov 2018. We have had some hiccups with direct deliveries. BUT you can buy our seeds in South Africa from Green Smoke Room Seeds (https://www.greensmokeroomseeds.com/index.php?route=common/home ) or Trophy Seeds ( http://www.trophyseeds.com ). Good luck

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Dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Cannabis seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.