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Spain. Cannabis Social Clubs celebrate more official recognition in Catalan city of Girona


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Cannabis social clubs in the Catalonian city of Girona are celebrating the official regulations given to them by their local government.  The presence of regulations increases the legitimacy of the cannabis social clubs as an accepted and regulated part of Catalan society.  The progressively minded cannabis social clubs of Spain prefer to have some regulations than none at all since they have a clear instruction from the local Government/Police on how they should work.  This is far better than having no rules at all and no firm operating mandate.  The new rules include opening hours of 08:00 - 22:00 and also require the social clubs to be at least 300 metres away from schools.  The social clubs are adult-only and are not allowed in non-smoking areas such as shopping malls or sports centres.  
The vote took place with support from all political parties apart from the right-wing Partido Popular who decided not to vote.  The rulings in Girona were inspired by the recent rulings in the Basque Country which we reported recently .  This is yet more solid progress in Spain which continues to have some of the most sensible and liberal cannabis laws in Europe.  The regulation and control of cannabis social clubs continues to cement their position in Spanish society and the regulations also drive out any remaining criminal involvement in the supply/distribution of cannabis.  It is a superb model for the rest of Europe.
May 19th 2014

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