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Spain. Former drug czar claims prohibition is a waste of time


Spain.  Spain's former Drug Tzar has surprised many by announcing that legalization is the answer to the drugs 'problem' despite many years of strong oppostition to legalization in the past. 

Araceli Manjón is currently the General Secretary of Madrid University, but previously was Spains top advisor on drug policy.  She made the comments while speaking at Expocannabis Hemp Festival 2013, an event for cannabis consumers and growers, as well as those wanting to see Hemp regain a place in Agriculture.

“Cannabis is not a drug,” she said, “and if it is, it can’t be compared with other drugs that are banned.”

Manjón explaind that she had “came out of the closet of drug prohibition to advocate regulation,” primarily due to the clear failure of prohibition to reduce cannabis use.  “The path of prohibition has only increased consumption,” she said.

With a fresh wave of political common sense entering the drug debate it may be possible that real progress will be made in the coming months.  At the moment organised crime relies on drugs remaining illegal in order to fund most of their operations.  Legalization removes their main income source overnight. 

The full story is here

October 1st 2013

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