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Spain. Judge acquits Cannabis Social Club leaders saying cannabis is not dangerous to public health


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An important trial has set a legal precedent in Barcelona when a judge acquitted the three leaders of a Cannabis Social Club saying that the club was not a danger to public health. The prosecution had been brought against the club President, Treasurer and Secretary because it was claimed that the Cannabis Club represented a danger to the public.  However the Judge disagreed, explaining that the club had a clear membership system that ensured that members of the public were not allowed to buy cannabis unless they became an approved member.  Therefore there was ‘no public danger'
This is yet another important victory for the Spanish Cannabis Social Club system, and its a landmark legal case which should ensure that other cannabis social clubs are also protected.  The Spanish cannabis social club system allows members to grow and sell cannabis for adult members.  The social-club system has removed the cannabis black market, cleaned up the streets, and saved the police a great deal of time.  It also allows cannabis lovers to get good quality cannabis at an affordable price.  Dutch Passion hope that the cannabis social club system will become popular and legal in other countries.
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May 22nd 2015

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