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Spain: The rise and rise of the cannabis social club


The Spanish cannabis community now estimate that there are between 400-500
cannabis social clubs in the country, and the number continues to grow.
Cannabis social clubs allow a few dozen members to form a growing community.
Plants are normally grown organically in one secure location and the harvest
shared out among the members. As well as being a convenient way to grow
pot, the social club often serves as a community centre where cannabis fans
can gather. Sometimes there is a club house where they can meet with a bar
and TV. It is often a great way for recreational and medical cannabis users
to get to know each other.

Membership of the Spanish CSC's is around 100,000. This is still only a fraction of the countrys 3 million estimated cannabis users, but it shows how the cannabis community in Spain are starting to gather together and join forces.
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July 22nd 2013

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On 16 -09-2013 at 22:19 u Manu wrote:
Je suis français .mais je vais très souvent a Barcelone .pouvez vous me parrainage pour un club social cannabis .merci

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