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Spain. Time to relax cannabis laws say the El Pais newspaper


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Above, menu from one of Barcelona's many cannabis social clubs, prices in euros/gram


Spain has enjoyed some of the friendliest cannabis laws in Europe for many years, with hundreds of cannabis social clubs and a thriving home-growing cannabis community.  But not all the Spanish politicians are happy about it, with some calling for the laws to be tightened on cannabis.  The proposals are to increase the fines for those caught growing pot, although many in Spain feel that the proposals are doomed to failure, especially in light of the international momentum around the world to do the opposite and legalize cannabis.  The USA and Uruguay are already pushing ahead with their own legalization programs, deliberately flouting the United Nation drug treaties.

The article from El Pais, Spains leading newspaper, is an interesting read.  Cannabis prohibitionists are unlikely to make any progress given the costly failure of prohibition over the last decades.  But it's interesting to read that even experienced politicians still fail to understand the issues.  The full article is in the link below




January 28th 2014

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