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Switzerland becomes 23rd nation to approve Sativex cannabis spray



Switzerland.  Switzerland became the 23rd nation to approve the medical use of UK-produced Sativex.  Sativex is the worlds best known cannabis-extract mouth spray, it was produced primarily to help sufferers of MS.  The oral spray contains an alcohol extraction of the cannabis plant, it is primarily a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD with nothing else added.  The oral spray has been criticised for the very high price, but numerous users have reported great results with the product which is now the worlds best selling international legal cannabis medicine.  The UK is now the worlds largest legal exporter of medicalised cannabis even though cannabis ironically remains illegal even for medical use in the UK.  GW Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Sativex, continue to dominate the official legal-cannabis extract market, but other big-name pharmaceutical suppliers are expected to enter the market in the coming years

The full story is here, on GW Pharmaceuticals website.  https://www.gwpharm.com/GW%20Pharmaceuticals%20plc%20Announces%20Sativex%20Regulatory%20Approval%20in%20Switzerland.aspx


November 29th 2013

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