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The First Time Grower. Growing weed indoors…. easily


Growing weed indoors is not at all difficult these days.  There are lots of strains which are bred to give great results.  And there are lots of options for grow methods and lights.  If you have never grown weed indoors before you will be faced with a confusing number of options.  In this week’s blog we will aim to focus on a few simple recommendations which will allow you to make a successful first grow indoors.  You will be amazed how easy it is to grow top quality marijuana!

Step 1.  Where to grow?  One of the easiest ways to start is with one of the purpose built indoor grow tents available from proven vendors such as Hydro Lab and Secret Jardin.  These tents are strong and can be assembled in a few minutes, they are light proof and come with all the necessary holes for cables and air extraction.  These tents cost around €100 for a basic model.

Step 2.  Growing in soil or hydro?  Cannabis can grow in a massive number of different ways.  Perhaps the simplest way is in soil.  But it will grow well in coco fibre, clay pebbles, rockwool and any number of different hydroponic systems where there is no soil.  So long as the roots get nutrients and oxygen cannabis will grow.  It is called weed for a good reason !

In this week’s blog we will look only at growing in soil to keep things simple.  Growing in hydroponic systems does give great results but the additional technicalities involving pH, electrical conductivity etc may be a bit confusing for some first-time growers.  We will start by looking just at growing in soil.

Step 3.  Soil quality.  The simplest way to start growing is to buy a prepared specialist soil from companies like BioBizz, Canna or Plagron.  This isn’t the cheapest way of getting started, but it is the simplest as everything is done for you, and you know the soil will give solid results. If you visit their websites you will see that they have soil for seedlings and soil to use when ‘potting up’ plants into their final containers.  They also have additional soil additives which you may want to consider to maximise yields, such as extra nutrients for flowering.  If you buy compost from the local garden centre then add at least 30% perlite in the soil to allow root aeration. If you can, add some worm castings or other light soil enrichers such as bat guano.  There are lots of good books and growing websites which will allow you to get a little bit more information in your own language.  But the easiest way to start is to get a specialist, ready-mixed soil and large plant containers.

If you use large containers, say 15-20 litres with a prepared soil mix you will have a very simple way of growing.  You won’t need to worry about pH or nutrient deficiencies.  The only thing you will need to do is water them lightly a couple of times a week and perhaps add a little liquid feed towards the end of flowering when the soil nutrients are getting depleted.  The most common mistakes made by new growers are over-watering and over-feeding, both of these slow plant growth and limit your end-result.   

Step 4.  The growroom.  Keep the temperature around 25°C.  If it gets too hot (over 30°C) or too cold (under 20°C) you may start seeing slow growth and other issues.  If you are growing in a tent you will need to extract the air from the tent.  Air is removed by a fan which sucks the air through tubes (usually 100mm+ diameter).  The air should be sent through a carbon filter to remove all traces of the characteristic cannabis smell.  Finally the extracted air is vented normally outside or into a well ventilated loft.  Pro growers will use ozone generators to remove the tiniest remaining canna smells.  Growers that don’t take steps to deal with canna smells often wish they had.  If you are growing indoors then you really must use carbon filters.  Cannabis plants need a constant supply of fresh air to stay healthy and grow.

Step 5.  The seeds.  You have 2 choices.  You can grow AutoFem seeds or traditional ‘photoperiod‘ strains.  AutoFem’s take 70 days from sprouting the seed to harvest under a lighting regime of 20 hours on, 4 hours off. 

Traditional strains are grown initially under 18 hours lights on/6 hours lights off.  This is called vegetative growth; the plant grows leaves, roots and branches but no bud. Usually after 4 or 5 weeks the plants is switched to 12 hours lights on/12 hours lights off.  This causes the cannabis plant to go into flowering and produce the buds we all love.  Normally the flowering process takes around 9 weeks.  The finished plant is cut down, the buds trimmed and dried for a few days.  Normally people cure (or mature) the buds in glass jars for a month or two to get the best flavours and a great high.

Cannabis plants can be male or female, but only the female plant has the buds that you want.  For that reason you are better off with feminized seed which will give rise to 95%+ female plants.  Dutch Passion were the first to offer feminized seed back in the 1990’s and today feminized seed accounts for 97% of our seed sales.  If you are new to growing, we would recommend a robust, forgiving variety such as feminized Skunk #11 for your first attempt.  Skunk #11 gives great yields, a great smoke and is easy to grow.  At €27 for 5 seeds it is the most affordable of our most highly-rated strains.  This was our first strain to sell over 1 million seeds for good reasons.

Step 6.  The light.  Most indoor growers use HPS lights.  These are a low cost and effective way of growing.  LED lights have been improving dramatically in the last 2 years, but at around €1000 for a 300W system they are still a little too expensive for many people.  But the results we have seen with them show that technically they are now really delivering excellent performance.  If you buy a grow tent you will normally get a manufacturers recommendation about the size of lamp and size of extraction fan.  The most common HPS lamps are 250W, 400W and 600W.  The more power they have, the more light (and heat) they produce.

And that is it.  There are countless ways to grow cannabis, but growing in premixed soil, in a purpose built indoor tent with an HPS light is one of the easiest ways to start.  More advanced growers will tell you that hydroponic systems such as NFT and especially DWC (deep water culture) gives even better results than soil.  If you are growing for the first time this year we wish you success !

Dutch Joe

August 1st 2018
Easy Indoor
Grow Guide

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On 02 -03-2012 at 22:14 u J. C. Nilsson wrote:
Hello Joe ! Just have to write that it`s possible to buy a 300 W led with 3 W diod`s for around 250 euro from China incl. taxes. Led-grower.

On 12 -05-2012 at 20:45 u KG wrote:
Yes you can buy a 300W LED with 3 watt chips for around 250 euro, but there ar so many variables one must take into account. Lens angle, wave lengths, dimmable, warranty, chip maker. A top of the line LED will easily produce 25% more product. So bare minimum is 25% less production over a 5 year period worth buying direct from China worth it? And what if you have a problem, how long is going to take to ship it to China, have it repaired and returned. I am not going to plug the LED I bought here. I will say I am glad I bought a proven LED and didn't try and cut corners. My LED ROCKS!

On 15 -07-2012 at 16:09 u Wildman wrote:
What make and size do you use how many per plant ta

On 22 -08-2012 at 23:54 u Sott wrote:
How you doing buddy I was wanting to grow advanced kaya 47 is it a smaller yeild and could you tell me the nutrients. For the grow bloom and micro Or do I feed them ph water keep safe and keep puffin your heart out lol cheers Scott. Thanks

On 06 -09-2012 at 22:44 u Bob 21 wrote:
just tinking of growing a few but just abit worried bout the electic bill going so high so what lights would keep it low

On 01 -10-2012 at 13:00 u Daniel Edwards wrote:
Hello. How do I time the 12 week cycle and know when they are ready? I recieved some cuttings but dont know how old they are. They look ready to harvest but want to make sure that its not to early or too late. I dont have a jewellers eye glass or a microscope to look through which has been advised on line really want the time to be right!! Thanks buddy.

On 25 -10-2012 at 05:55 u Marty wrote:
How do I know if I have a male or female plant and I wanted to know how long are you supposed to "pinch" the plant. Thanks.

On 02 -11-2012 at 06:12 u Rod Ryan wrote:
Thanks need all the help I can get

On 08 -11-2012 at 07:38 u V.Aguaybana Santos wrote:
Have got started, but cant wait to get started. Just want to gather all the info that I can get,so that I get done successfully. Very axious lol

On 09 -11-2012 at 02:29 u Brandon wrote:
Inormative blog! I am just now deciding that growing is for me. I like how you broke it down "Barney Style". A great starting point. At first I didnt know where to start looking for information. I noticed your site doesnt make sales to the US so my research goes on.

On 09 -11-2012 at 09:51 u Jonno wrote:
i have bin given a weed plant that has allready grown its about 20 cm high an was just wondering were would i put it if i have not grown in my home b4

On 14 -11-2012 at 16:04 u Ashley wrote:
Hi I'm a first time grower u have any information on growing I just want to grow two little plants in my closet

On 14 -11-2012 at 17:52 u Monica Freeman wrote:
I am going to be growing for my very first time over this winter but I want to know what sort of watering or system I should be using without spending an arm and a leg. How do I ensure they are getting the proper amount of water. Should this water be filtered? Zeroed? Help in this matter would be AWESOME!

On 18 -11-2012 at 18:50 u Jorge uz wrote:
How long does it take for my first harvest.

On 21 -11-2012 at 02:56 u Donnie wrote:
I use 4 26 watt energy saving bulbs and they grow perfect plants. I grow about 8 plants at once and the lights are set for 16 hrs on and 8 hrs off. And it usually takes about 4 weeks till there ready to start budding. Then in takes around 3 to 4 weeks for them to finish. Unless u want to keep them growing

On 25 -11-2012 at 11:52 u Dev-o wrote:

On 29 -11-2012 at 02:38 u Jacob benton wrote:
Can i have a job! Sounds crazy but i would be honored. Im residing in puerto rico and im resigning from my job soon. 22 years old, ambitious as hell, and absolutely love cannabis. Probably get this a lot, but i have certain skills that could help your hustle

On 06 -12-2012 at 02:04 u Steve grier wrote:
Good afteroon, I am disabled from a spinal cord injury and the only product I can use for the pain is a Cannabis Salve. The only dispensary doesnot carry the salve as none of there suppliers will make. I would like to do this myself, but, it seems so complecated. How does one like me get started? I have a small room in my garage to use. Can I buy everything I need from one company person? I know this will be expensive, as I have no other choice, Thanks, Steve.

On 12 -12-2012 at 20:26 u Freeman wrote:
Hi Which seed do you recommend to use as I want the best results in terms of weight when harvest? My intentions are to grow about 12-13 "one bud" plants within 1 square meter (tent). Howmany grams may I expect per plant? (considering I am using premixed soil and a little additional "food" when flowering and classic light/dark pattern) Many thanks! Cheers

On 13 -01-2013 at 23:09 u David garcia wrote:
love weed n learning new things about it. im always lokng to improve my growth knowledge so i can find a strain to help with my pains insomnia

On 16 -01-2013 at 18:00 u Bigbudsrob wrote:
What are the weeks of seedling and vegetative and flowering!

On 17 -01-2013 at 10:47 u Eddy | Dutch Passion wrote:
hi Bigbudsrob. Most home growers tend to give traditional varieties around 3-4 weeks vegetive growth under 18 (or 24) hours of daily light. Then they switch the lighting to 12 hours of daily light for around 9 weeks to allow the plants to finish flowering AutoFem plants spend their entire 10 week life under a system of 20 hours of daily light

On 17 -01-2013 at 20:29 u Emma wrote:
Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks for such useful info. So many sites over-complicate things, give too many confusing options or just try and sell stuff along the way. It's been really helpful and I can't wait to get my grow on the go!! Cheers, peace out x

On 19 -01-2013 at 18:10 u JayJay wrote:
Hey my friends I have a question. I am growing an indoor plant in a closet and the closet is divided in two parts. The part below has the plant in vegetative And the superior part of the closet has a small fan for ventilation. I was wondering if an extra fan is needed in the part below Thanks

On 24 -01-2013 at 15:30 u Bob wrote:
Hi I have just started using a flood and drain set up with glass wool blocks and it has just finished but it hasn't hint well. I have been given an aroponics stet up which is better.

On 29 -01-2013 at 14:31 u Bobby67 wrote:
Hellllz yeah. I can't wait to grow for the very first time. I hope it doesn't suck dick. I've never really had a green thumb unless I was breakin up budz.

On 07 -02-2013 at 17:45 u Dirk wrote:
Hi, I'm desparate to start growing, however I'm put off by the prospect of getting caught. How are most people caught ? And what are the best ways to avoid getting caught ? Thanks Dirk.

On 15 -02-2013 at 18:23 u The growfather wrote:
People with big gobs get caught Dirk, Tell no one. Can someone tell me why some auto strains have a rec of 12/12 lighting.

On 01 -03-2013 at 21:09 u Fred wrote:
nice info i am first time grower. with this info i think it would be good growing. thanks so much for info.

On 14 -03-2013 at 21:06 u Zayne Holmes wrote:
", Ahoy

On 24 -03-2013 at 16:42 u Rio wrote:
Hi what's the best bulbs an watts to use to bud :)

On 06 -04-2013 at 09:18 u Yelley wrote:
Hi I'm a first time grower, can't wait to get started just scared of messing up but with the info given I can't see me messing up to bad but we'll see!

On 20 -04-2013 at 22:15 u Alison Spikell wrote:
I'd like to continue to get more info.I have a medical certificate and just trying to figure out how and where to get started. I can use a dispensory or a caregiver for help, but that gets expensive. And I need to know what seeds to get for the more medical, less high stuff.

On 22 -04-2013 at 00:54 u Kayla loves weed wrote:
I grow my own weed nd to say this stuff actually works, so heads up nd thanks for the steps , stoner4life

On 27 -04-2013 at 05:42 u HigherEssence wrote:
This is my first time growing and just doing my research makes me want to pull my hair out ( and I'm already bald ). I understand that it would be very beneficial for me to use a grow tent but can I use a LED as well with i?

On 01 -05-2013 at 19:42 u Just4me wrote:

On 03 -05-2013 at 21:20 u Sunny wrote:
can you please give me a good guide on buying nutrrients. from vegatative to flowering state plz thank you

On 09 -05-2013 at 01:21 u 420swagXb wrote:
damn i followed deezz instrutions & i got sum biigg a$$ trees i swear dozz trees got me hi azz phuck dis $#!+ really werkksss hahxb

On 10 -05-2013 at 17:22 u Mark wrote:
Hi Joe, I\'m a first timer who has been left a tent and 600w HPS light etc so I\'m gonna give it a try. How many plants should I grow in a 1. 2 x 1.2 x 2 meter tent and would the 600 w Hps be enough for that space. Also do I need to veg with a metal halide bulb and if so how many watts? Thanks Mark

On 14 -05-2013 at 18:51 u Allen wrote:
i have read all these comments but where do i see the answers ? and how ?

On 02 -06-2013 at 18:04 u Gstaa wrote:
1 seed per plant?

On 11 -06-2013 at 16:15 u Mitchellllll wrote:
Just about to plant the seeds Need to know cause its not hot outside will they need to be inside ??

On 12 -06-2013 at 02:06 u Lee james wrote:
Hello guys i have a quick question i have my space and i would like to start growing but i wabted to know where should i get my seeds from Thanks in advance

On 12 -06-2013 at 13:55 u Blazerboy wrote:
-Mitchellllll, Spring and summer are ok to be growing in most parts of the world. It is important that you plants get enough sunlight, and do not freeze. If you are for example in Holland or the UK you can perfectly grow outdoors. But do choose an outdoor variety, such as Frisian Dew. -Lee James You can order your seeds directly on this website, or on any other website. Many websites are on the offcial dealer list, see the button on top of this page.

On 16 -06-2013 at 15:29 u Kevin marlow wrote:
just starting out and could do with all the help i can so plz give anytips or decnt web sight

On 20 -06-2013 at 20:37 u Dave wrote:
Iv got carbon filters for the smell but were my tent is going to be placed i carnt get a fresh intake, is there anyway around this?

On 22 -06-2013 at 22:55 u Kris wrote:
If anyone is looking for a more energy efficient alternative to lighting options a full or natural spectrum (natural better then just full but harder to find) is minimum 100w equivalent CFL bulbs. you can get higher wattage equivalents but just depends on size of room/tent/box whichever you are growing in. these bulbs run off much less power and produce very great results.

On 23 -06-2013 at 06:52 u Graeme wrote:
For all use that need information on how to grow get yourself the GROWING ELITE MARIJUANA the complete guide by Ryan Riley it tells u everything u need to know trust me u cant go wrong if u follow what he tells u

On 05 -07-2013 at 23:07 u Hades wrote:
Why arnt plants growing leaves on bottom? They 're wilting to brown all over.

On 21 -08-2013 at 00:10 u Jon wrote:
awesum site guys!!

On 29 -08-2013 at 17:45 u ROB wrote:

On 01 -09-2013 at 20:11 u Jack1990 wrote:
Great guide. Thank you

On 15 -09-2013 at 14:41 u Gaz wrote:
how long do you leave the plants on 18hour for then how long on 12 hour,, thanks

On 24 -09-2013 at 10:06 u J wrote:
When plant first sprouts. How long do u kp lights on.. N how long of.. PLZ NEED ANSWER ASAP

On 24 -09-2013 at 17:17 u Homer williams wrote:
would like to recive your news letters if ok thinks.

On 01 -10-2013 at 19:12 u Andy wrote:
Hi I have never grown cannabis before and just wondered if I could grow a seed in normal soil just like compost if not could u advise me to the best soil I could buy and if u sell it

On 03 -10-2013 at 06:38 u Jay wrote:
Hi - Great site. I'm going to be a first time grower and I live in the UK. For family landlord issues I will have to use my shed in the garden. As we are coming in to winter I'm worried, would this be too cold for the grow?

On 13 -10-2013 at 21:44 u D Collins wrote:
First time grower wish me luck

On 14 -10-2013 at 20:30 u Paddybhoy71 wrote:
just starting my first grow with auto kaya 47 what would be the best nutrients and cycle to use at start of grow

On 24 -10-2013 at 18:02 u Lee wrote:
sure could use some info on growing some super silver haze, perp. jolly rancher,suger plum. ty for the info. u guys do put out it Dose hlp

On 30 -10-2013 at 05:39 u IllestGrower420 wrote:
I need help on how many watt lamps to put untol of my seedlings and ho whigh asap please? aappreciate it.

On 05 -11-2013 at 23:40 u Kacra leigh wrote:
hi in uk can i use a grow tent in the shed when its winter the shed will be padded .gets cold here and when i turn the light on off for the twelve ours will they b ok cheers [site is sweet ]

On 13 -11-2013 at 22:14 u Ukno wrote:
why are my plants growing tall and skinny with just sprouts at the top they are falling over whats the deal?

On 23 -11-2013 at 19:32 u Newwtothis44 wrote:
Have hybrids under 1000w metal halide.....how long should veg before flowering?

On 28 -11-2013 at 02:49 u PLUDWIG wrote:

On 09 -12-2013 at 06:17 u Mike wrote:
Would like to grow my own but dont know where to start

On 29 -12-2013 at 13:49 u Steve wrote:
Hi, im going to start to grow weed for my self for the first time & need help with what to buy & where from, ideally i would like to get a tent 1 meter wide & 2 meter long, so any help would be great, thanks, Steve.

On 01 -01-2014 at 12:35 u Mark wrote:
Hi.can u reccomend a good grow book.and possibly a good guide for autofems .thanks

On 01 -01-2014 at 15:38 u Daniel wrote:
My plants have bern in for 3 mounths put them in 1st octobre . Most hairs have turned brown on the bud but new ones are coming on the bud shal i cut it down now or wait till they all go brown

On 05 -01-2014 at 23:33 u Ross wrote:
Was wondering if there is going to be any replies from all the comments above. I have only seen one reply. Reason i ask is because there are a few questions above which are the same question i have. If you could email me i would be very greatful. Cheers.

On 06 -01-2014 at 12:51 u Erfan021 wrote:

On 06 -01-2014 at 16:57 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
wow - lots of questions. Thank You We try to answer the questions in two ways. Firstly, we invite you to read through some of our weekly blogs. Often these are about people that have grown their own pot, and many of the questions asked are covered in these blogs. Here is the link http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/blog/ Take a good look, there are lots of grow reviews and somewhere there will be the answers which people are looking for. Secondly: Some people may need to buy a basic cannabis cultivation book (Amazon has plenty), or you may want to browse one of the many internet growers forums

On 12 -01-2014 at 00:20 u Curt wrote:
best way to grow a few plants at low cost in small home?

On 17 -01-2014 at 21:41 u Curt wrote:
best way to grow a few plants at low cost in small home?

On 20 -01-2014 at 16:59 u Weymon boyd wrote:
First try

On 30 -01-2014 at 10:52 u Steamazoid wrote:
Love the site. Great work guys. SOG method for me.......

On 06 -02-2014 at 14:08 u Christina wrote:
i have a seed growin and i didnt no about the smell wile growin though do i have to use that filter thing or is there a easyer cheaper way?

On 07 -02-2014 at 16:58 u Imt wrote:
hi i just start to grow but i notice that even after 3 weeks my plant has stop growing. only 2leaves and nothing else.. please advice...thnx. Imt.

On 11 -02-2014 at 02:49 u Justin wrote:
How do I know when to flower my plants

On 20 -02-2014 at 06:00 u Andre Rochus wrote:

On 24 -02-2014 at 20:43 u Leelee wrote:
im a first time grower and have recieved cuttings potted and under way do i need to put my fan inside tent and if so how long feeding purposses can u tell me how often they have to b fed in early stages the plants r approx 20cm at the mo please advise thank uShSS

On 25 -02-2014 at 04:22 u Jon wrote:
Hey man I am a new grower and I have some questions first what is the waite for seedlings to go in the tent ? And can I use Epsom salt ? In my plants also what should I do if my leafs are turning yellow how can fix my plants and make the best of my sour candy and white widow I also have some NYPD

On 25 -02-2014 at 20:56 u Steve wrote:
I am a first time grower and need to know how often i need to feed my plants they are coming along nicely about 5 to 6 inches high but still in the germinating pots do i need to transfer to bigger pots at this stage as roots are coming through the bottom i have various feeds green dream grow and green dream bloom how often do i need to use these and at what ratio i would appriciate your help on this as i have 7 happy plants at present please advise it would help emmeslly as i dont want to lose my babies i have them in a tent plenty of light and fan on please advise thanks

On 03 -03-2014 at 04:17 u Al wrote:
why and how do I have male balls on a plant still under 18hrs of light? thank you

On 26 -03-2014 at 17:43 u Greg wrote:
Nice blog, but no answers to questions i can see???

On 29 -03-2014 at 16:55 u Bence wrote:
i love the site & would like to ask u how long i leave my light on ? i no its 18-6 then 12-12 but im meaning at the beginning my plant is on its 3rd set of leaves can u pls let me no ty 4 your help :) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK :)

On 08 -04-2014 at 23:08 u Sweetp wrote:
What is the best watt bulb to use in a small tent for one plant?

On 13 -04-2014 at 12:32 u Damon wrote:
You leave the light on for 18hrs and then switch to 12hrs after a few weeks to start flowering. More lighting info for marijuana growing can be found here http://www.marijuanagrowing.eu/tutorials/lighting-information-guide-t327.html If you need more help with how to grow marijuana then take a look there. There is lots of info and help about marijuana growing Thanks DP! Great page.

On 13 -04-2014 at 17:29 u Elfredo wrote:

On 19 -04-2014 at 21:59 u Rob wrote:
Hi there!! As a first timer I have only grown one plant from a random seed in normal conditions with unsatisfactory results...I would like to invest in this tent you speak of,the soil,etc etc with seeds,everything I need to get started..Indoor is what I'm interested in..But staying in South Africa how would I get all the goods I need over here? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks in advance...

On 29 -05-2014 at 02:54 u Danny h81 wrote:
I'm a 1st timer how many plants per bulb 4 best yields. Thanks in advance

On 05 -06-2014 at 09:44 u Dineo wrote:
hi...i am 1st timer ,growing females only and indoor but dnt have any lights i only leave them next to the window for the sun ,,but they now have hairs on them....am i gonna get good results...thanks

On 15 -06-2014 at 21:45 u Sam wrote:
New grower here just wondered if sum1 could help me understand what I'll need for a easy grow on cheap budget?

On 25 -06-2014 at 23:05 u Kalle wrote:
Hi! We are thinking of growing indoor in a room with windows on all sides. We will have plenty of air and light but limited sun due to being in Ireland! Do we need to buy lamps or can we use normal light! How long will it take extra if you use only real light?

On 26 -06-2014 at 19:42 u Chilly wrote:
Hi. Never grew before but gonna. Could I grow 5 plants in a room. 3mx2m. With the wife not being able to smell it. Ps the rooms next door to our bedroom. Thanks

On 01 -07-2014 at 18:58 u Dwayne wrote:
How do I know that I have a female plant

On 09 -07-2014 at 17:07 u Ron cox wrote:
tis is great!

On 20 -07-2014 at 02:31 u Les Walker wrote:
First time grower ,how much will my electric bill rise?

On 04 -08-2014 at 16:44 u Dollard barriault wrote:
Love your instructions. Thank you

On 13 -08-2014 at 13:59 u Sipho wrote:
I want plant but i dont know how to start, i wana plant it in a spare bedroom, wht is needed?

On 14 -09-2014 at 22:59 u Cois wrote:

On 18 -09-2014 at 23:07 u Timothy Paul wrote:
I would like to grow in doors & the only thing i no is.what I just read can you help me?

On 11 -10-2014 at 03:52 u Mack wrote:
some 1 pls answer me soon ....i live al alone in bangalore and im kinda broke and cant afford all da fancy stuff like led lights and a grow room ..but from whateva i did smoke i saved da seeds and im dyin to know how to grow it being broke....im sure theres a way i just dono how..since im broke and lookin fo a job....im going crazy ...havent toked up fo about a month...GOD BLESS WHOEVA ANSWERS ME..im sereously loosing it..

On 10 -11-2014 at 06:04 u Scoobydubious wrote:
Do post to Thailand or not? Oops........ just seen the FAQ -kinda answers me :(

On 11 -01-2015 at 08:52 u Stacey wrote:
Few time grower here and here is what I have learned, energy efficient CFL lights work well just use daylight bulbs for veg cos the blue and soft white for flower as they have a more red tint. Its okay to mix them and they seem to like them mixed. The more the better. Your light bill only goes up a few dollars. Soil is the most important make sure you use a good soil. Never use miracle grow. The bigger the flowerpot the bigger the plant the more buds you get. The best nutrients I have found is nectar of the gods. Its AMAZING! And half the price of some of the commercial brands like fox farm. If you follow the feeeding chart its simple and they will send you one when you order or you can get online. When its time to switch to 12/12 for budding make sure your 12 hours of dark is very DARK! Or it will switch back to veg. Always use superthrive no matter what nutes. Take your time and make sure its ready to harvest, if you harvest too early you lose some thc and its not as good. Take it slow and enjoy. Every grow makes it easier. Its called a weed for a reason. Its not hard good luck!

On 13 -02-2015 at 05:33 u Jerry wrote:
Hey I'm a first time dwc grower and I've been learning as I'm going (made my share of mistakes) but here's the question that might make or break my whole grow. I have a over grown plant that's been in bloom for about 4 weeks and the top bud is about a foot from the 400watt hps and the top of the tent. I had to turn the ballast down to 50% power to keep from burning the top bud and many more if it kept growing at the rate it was, it has seem to work so far but how much is it affecting the budding process and also according to my nutrient schedule I still have 5 more week before harvest, oh by the way, I have no idea what kind of strain it is. It's my first dummy plant, but it grew really nice and has nice buds.id hate to screw it up now, will 50% ballast be ok? I know now that I have to start my bloom way earlier, I waited way too long for my 7 ft tent,one of my many lessons lol Thanks

On 15 -03-2015 at 09:57 u Stuboy wrote:
Just over half way threw 2nd grow the first was a cfl bust a sativa and indica female both grew nice but not a lot of bud but got a 250hps and some auto skunk#1 a sweet tooth and a lemon-o-matic been using canna terra pro soil mix ionic grow and ionic bloom for nutrients and 7weeks in looking tip top just changed to bloom Nute,the only problem I had one of the yellowing leaves had brown spots I thought poss nute burn flushed it through next ive got dutch passion feminised Brainstorm I'm looking forward to growing HAPPY DAYS

On 22 -03-2015 at 16:16 u Cory redmon wrote:
hey i got a plany it just poped up last night now this is my first one ive put it in a small pot and keep it under a light 24/7 would this cause my plant to turn hermaphrodite if soo what can i do to keep this a female

On 23 -03-2015 at 21:19 u Mike wrote:
Hi all, i am reading this post and others and many talking about different growing cycles, lights, nutrients etc. I am a first time grower got a growing tent, 600 HPS light fan and have my Seed out already to about 3 inch plant (i grow those under florescent light already). So i am about 5 weeks now from the seeds to where i am. Can someone please explain me in a very simple words what i do next??? 1.When to move to the 600 hps light 2. how many hrs of light a day for how long??? 3 what nutrients to use and when ??? 4. when it will be ready. Thank you all so much

On 26 -03-2015 at 16:14 u Loren K wrote:
Addressing chronic back pain and am anxious to get going on my own. I have a medical card, but the cost at a dispensary for buds is daunting. Hope to get some going in my basement. Thanks for all of the good advice!

On 15 -04-2015 at 16:29 u Atho wrote:
I'm growing for the first time and I've been trying to find information on when to put my plants into my grow box. They are currently in the window and growing well but I don't know when to put them under the light. I have found all the information I need just not this piece. I have food pots soil lights extraction timers and 2 very healthy plants, they have currently got 4 leaves. I don't want to put them in too soon or too late. Someone please help me....

On 09 -06-2015 at 22:15 u Dee wrote:
First timer i need sum good tips on to grow a plant and wat all i need fa my plant growth and nt lose THC

On 16 -06-2015 at 00:14 u Bob 22 wrote:
Hey Bob 21. There are two alternatives to expensive HID lights. I combine one 250 watt convertible HID with two fluorescent grow systems. I grew recently with this system and was never monitored by the local electrical service. The other option is LED lights; these really are the answer to expensive hot HIDs. Once I grew two plants in the bathroom of my former rv using two ordinary light bulbs tinted blue, 60 watts each, and the smoke was great, but very low yield. I also think it's a good idea to take long breaks and just not grow. Also, it's a good idea to grow a small indoor garden in the late spring or early summer, since your extra electrical use will coincide with the annual increase in electricity usage from air conditioning throughout the land, so a little bit more than usual is not enough to notice. If you grow in the winter be careful, because while everyone else's electric bill goes down, your's remains high, attracting attention. Once I knew I was being monitored by the local electic company, so I disassembled my whole grow system, sold 24 mature plants, and put my lights in boxes wrapped with garbage bags. One day I come home and one of those boxes was turned upside down and someone had torn a hand sized hole in it to see what was in the bag. They left it like that and whoever came into my place found no trace of THC or cannabis anywhere. I outfoxed them by keeping my radar up.

On 22 -07-2015 at 02:07 u Deandre lewis wrote:
thank you for that information yeah this my first one and I was trying to see how do they say they grow it faster speed up the process I\'m going to start off that way too the slow soil but I would like to know someone was telling me about speed the process up for something

On 27 -07-2015 at 04:50 u Happy all the time wrote:
Yeah that was probably one of the best and easiest way someone has put it. I'm still a little confused on the soil can I go to like a Home Depot and buy two different types of soil I mix them. And how far down do the seeds go in the soil? What site should I get my seeds from? And which one did you find to be more easy? Skunk or Dutch passion

On 07 -09-2015 at 22:26 u Arturo Villa wrote:
Hello, I'm a bit confused as if I need a tent and a smell filter. The reason is this: I live in a Czech Republic apartment that has a storage room and this storage room has 2 windows, it even allows a lot of natural light but the plants wouldnt be visible and the only close neighbors are the flat upstairs but the rooms are tall about 3.5 meters. However I do have people coming over to my flat for meditation in the next room and they are not intimate friends. Also this storage room is just a door but not hermetically sealed or anything like that. Do I need a tent and filter or I can just open the window? Would it stink my room with marijuana smell? I read somewhere that the filter and the fan use like 100watt, that's a lot, but are they constantly working on that speed?

On 11 -09-2015 at 09:32 u Rez wrote:
Hey I've 2 question pls answer: 1.how many times in week should i give water to the indoor weed palnt? and when if i do that is better? 2.if I can't order the soil from companies, how i can make a very good soil for indoor plants by mixing soil or...?

On 06 -10-2015 at 23:02 u Mike bisesi wrote:
Good questions. Need the answers to them. Need little help on things. Thanks. Mike

On 30 -10-2015 at 22:15 u Teresa wrote:
whats the best seed for indoor growth? i suffer with crohns disease the weed really helps my pain. but i can't afford much. please help!

On 02 -11-2015 at 09:35 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Teresa - you may wish to take a look at a CBD-ich variety such as our CBD SkunkHaze. Good luck

On 04 -11-2015 at 15:57 u Erick wrote:

On 18 -11-2015 at 01:37 u Jess wrote:
Hey my name is Jess, and I'm here to ask a few questions about growing. First I'd like to ask is (since this is my first) does a female naturally get that bushy full of bud or do I have to change something that I'm doing? Another question I can't seem to find the answer to is, how stinky does one single female get? Should I invest in a carbon filter or is it useless for one plant? (But I do in fact plan on planting maybe another one after this harvest) my plant started stinking at 1-2 months, or at least had some scent of weed in it.

On 18 -11-2015 at 10:39 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Jess, (18/11/2015). Carbon filters are regarded as mandatory by indoor growers, any hydro store can advise more. Plants (traditional photoperiod) will grow the buds when light hours are reduced to 12/12. Auto varieties will start to flower at 3-4 weeks old irrespective of light cycle.

On 15 -01-2016 at 01:07 u Jeff wrote:
I just started 4 plants from seed and I'm looking for advice on them, I'm only on week one right now http://jeffsweedgrow.blogspot.com/

On 10 -02-2016 at 13:18 u Russell Andrew wrote:
I need to buy some seeds. do u ship to South Africa.

On 10 -02-2016 at 13:31 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Russell Andrew - no, we do not ship to South Africa. But some of our distributors will ship to you. Here is the list http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/dealers/international/

On 07 -03-2016 at 21:45 u Dimitar mitev wrote:
hello guys, this days i've created online marijuana seeds shop. If you have time, can you just check and tell me if you like it or no. I need some opinions now :) Thank you.

On 28 -05-2016 at 12:17 u Nathan wrote:
Obama- some folks want a pot smoking socilaist (B. Sanders) at the white house, there is going to be a 3rd obama term afterall!

On 22 -06-2016 at 21:00 u Mick wrote:
Hello,I bought screwin grow light wrong kind of plug on it for this country what can I do

On 10 -12-2016 at 21:22 u Sebastian wrote:
Hello I am experimenting for the first time. I just received my seeds and want to try about 3-4 plants can I get one light for all 3/4 I have a small area I will be working with. I don't have much knowledge about the numbers watts lumens etc I need more research. It's afghan indica

On 09 -01-2017 at 21:05 u Mcruderalis wrote:
Does putting cannabis in the dark increase or save the terpenes and terpenoids ?

On 10 -01-2017 at 12:08 u Eddy wrote:
McRuderalis, 9th Jan 2017. Keeping cannabis in the dark can allow terpenes to increases in the cooler darkness, which is less conducive to plant transpiration. However, without lights the plant energy source is switched off and this prevents photosynthesis. So light has a dual effect

On 22 -01-2017 at 10:40 u Jean shetley wrote:
I have planted my little clone in soil it is a cross between gorilla glue and blue dream.i want to give it nutrients but all I have is all purpose plant food and it has 15-7-13 with micro nutrients. I don't think it will harm it but just wanted to make sur.. I just want to baby it but I keep forgetting that it is a weed.

On 27 -04-2017 at 13:05 u Ashley wrote:
I have got a female plant had it for a couple months now I don't have lights for it it's just on the window seal but the leaves down the bottom of it are going all yello and dying what can I do plz help

On 02 -09-2017 at 05:04 u Kyle wrote:
For me I tried EVERYTHING and with MY experience The Candy Kush was the fastest growing and easiest to care for Plant. I ALWAYS get seeds from them for years now since they have the best price and quality.. and i actually receive them!I i have a nice "Garden" Going:) but i lovvvve your forum site!

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