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The First Time Grower. Growing weed outside…. easily


With so many people growing weed for the first time we thought it would be worthwhile publishing some general guidelines that will allow you to make a good start and grow some absolutely great quality weed with the minimum effort. Over the next few weeks we will review indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grows.

Today we look at outdoor growing. For lots of people growing outdoors is the preferred method. Outdoor enthusiasts say that sun-grown weed tastes better too. Certainly the potential for growth is enormous especially in warm sunny climates.

Anyone looking to grow outdoors should read some of the tips and advice on the grow forums such as the UK420 Forum where you can read about everything from soil characterisation, soil improvement, pest control and lots more.

Selection of grow spot. In a domestic back garden on your own property you just need a sunny position. Most growers prefer a private spot that can’t be seen by others.

Which seeds to grow? For a first time grower you are looking for a strain with a proven reputation for being hardy enough to grow outdoors even in northern climates such as the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, the northern part of Russia etc. The highly recommended Frisian Dew and Passion#1 have stood the test of time and are solid, robust varieties which will yield well even in the hands of first time growers when only a few basic preparations are made. Even in northerly latitudes tough strains such as Passion #1 and Frisian Dew are capable of yielding well. AutoFem’s need just 10 weeks from seed to finish, even a Siberian summer can support them!

Holland's Hope. Another proven Dutch Passion outdoor variety with generous yields

Preparing the grow spot. Your spot maybe in your garden/greenhouse, woodland, by a field, in a forest clearing, near a river bank or on a mountain. But wherever you are you growing you should really accept that preparing the soil you plan to grow in is a minimum requirement. Many growers will prepare the plot as few months before and dig in manure, compost, or fertilisers such as worm castings, bat guano etc. First-time growers may simply prefer to get the ground dug over and put in as much good quality bagged compost as they can carry. That approach alone will be a good start. More experienced growers will test soil pH, adding lime if it is too acidic and digging in well rotted manure a few months before the grow starts.

Preparing the plants. Often the grower will have sprouted the seeds and grown them into small healthy plants before taking them to the final outdoor grow spot. As a general rule you will get better results in the long run if the plants are established and healthy before planting out. Often they are started indoors under lights or in a greenhouse. When to plant your young plants or
seedlings will depend on where you live. In Spain you might be able to plant out in March or April whereas a UK grower may want to wait until May.

Protecting the spot.
Rabbits and deer are constant threats to cannabis plants, so are other large mammals. Many growers will surround the plant with a ring of chicken wire (or similar) 50cm high. They may put a few slug pellets down on visits to the plants. Often growers will take the chance to get a few litres of water put into the ground near the plant on visits. Google Earth is useful to many outdoor growers for selecting good grow spots. Nearby rivers are useful for water especially if it is hot and dry.

Outdoor growers in warm climates with longer seasons will be able to grow more exotic strains than more northerly growers.

And without too much trouble you will find that even a first time grower can get an ample harvest of absolutely top quality marijuana. Just as good as anything you will have bought, if not better. And with even our best outdoor strains available for well under €10 per seed you can see that a seed is a great value investment, so get some good ones. The cannabis seeds you buy for your grow is the one area of your life where you really should not compromise!

Look at these photo’s to see what can be achieved. If the plant really gets well established then yields of several hundred grams from single plants are quite common.

To harvest the weed it is simply chopped off and dried by hanging on a wire in a dry and dark place. Once it has been dried it is cured (or matured), often for a couple of months or more in glass jars or sealable plastic containers. Most growers will tell you that a well cured weed smokes smoother and strange though it sounds it may seem stronger when it is well cured. Good weed will often still be a
great smoke many months after harvest if well cured. Longer term weed storage is possible by putting marijuana in a sealed container in the fridge. Although it is not widely known, you can also put your stash in a freezer where it will remain highly potent and just as tasty for years.

So if you are planning on growing outdoors now is the time to decide where and perhaps start preparing. The internet has lots of grow forums in your own language, and you may want to get a good book. Authors such as Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal have been popular, but there are lots of great resources online these days. Thanks to modern outdoor varieties and fast growing AutoFem’s everyone can grow great quality marijuana outdoors and become self sufficient very easily. What are you waiting for ?

January 27th 2012
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On 27 -01-2012 at 15:25 u Yaman wrote:
Yo man, These pictures are pretties man. keep on good growing from Hungary rastaman!

On 30 -01-2012 at 22:46 u LED-grower wrote:
Yeah this is great ! Keep on giving us inform. about how to handle the seed`s. In your indoor grow article please giv us some information about the pH and EC value during the veg.stage and the flowering stage. I`m looking forward to your writing ! Do it with LED :-D !

On 06 -09-2012 at 02:59 u Brittany wrote:
Vegetative growth is when the plant is trying to get as much sunlight as possible, this is the part of its life where its growing, You can really force the plant to flower whenever you want, you just have to cut its light cycle to 12/12. The plants reproductive cycle will kick in then as a means to survive and thus you have flowering. But outside, you cant really change the light cycle for your plants, which is why there was no big distinction between the steps. You pretty much have to wait for the season to do its job and wait for the plant to start flowering on its on. http://www.ferti-organic.com/products/super-k-fulvate/

On 26 -09-2013 at 08:06 u Billy wrote:

On 11 -02-2014 at 13:02 u Jack rhys reside wrote:
Can I grow in cold weather ?

On 05 -03-2014 at 10:01 u Michael wrote:
@Jack Rhys - Hi I'm also trying to learn about gardening in this cold weather uk. If you want to do anything now it will have to be in a greenhouse otherwise best outdoor time to start is late april/may onwards.

On 08 -03-2014 at 05:25 u Dazza wrote:
Thanks for this information, I found it a big help if anyone else has anymore tips that aren't on here please let me know, I'm looking to grow LDN

On 11 -05-2014 at 20:32 u Alan Cross wrote:
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Peace, pot, and puppy snot!

On 14 -03-2015 at 13:29 u Louie 25 wrote:
Does miracle grow work on plants grown outside

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On 04 -06-2015 at 19:13 u Michael Williams wrote:
I am a beginner & need all the help I can get. I am planting medical weed outside in the mountains of Colorado, so everything is legal. Please give me good advice. Thanks, Mike.

On 08 -06-2015 at 00:39 u Fletcher wrote:
can u please tell me a/z how 2 grow weed in an aero garden and how 2 grow it out side and when t plant seeds outdoors and could u aslso tell me how t grow snowryder when to fertalize how much u give them and how often u feed and warter themand is mircale grow feed ment to be the bet fed for canabis if not could u tell me wot is the best feed t feed yr canabis plants and wot system is the best to grow in

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And can you tell me the meaning of life? And can you, and can you? Can you? Lol

On 25 -10-2015 at 17:59 u Bannana man wrote:
Waiting until buds are fully sticky and mature is the trickiest part because without a magnifier you just have to feel and smell and decide to leave it a bit longer and risk losing the lot or to bank some or all of what you've got. Found a basher to be very usefull for keeping the cold rain off and cold morning dew. Left a few branches on to see how the rest of the buds do with a few more weeks to know for next year.

On 18 -03-2016 at 00:11 u Master Bluntz wrote:
I found it very helpful.

On 09 -05-2016 at 04:14 u Calvin Blowers Jr wrote:
I use vehicle tires to grow. Put dirt in first, then topsoil, then seeds in it and water them. Only seeds by the sun and water drain or hose everyday. Then it's all set and grow faster.

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On 11 -09-2017 at 08:59 u Andy D wrote:
I've got my plant growing outside and have just bought a mini greenhouse which it's I'm now as the temps have dropped like mad here in North West England, it's thriving in the greenhouse but I'm worried about humidity, obviously if it's a dull day I keep the greenhouse zipped up but the plant is getting wet because of condensation, will this be a problem ? On warmer days I can open the greenhouse and the dew dries off. The plant has just started budding this last week.

On 12 -09-2017 at 09:00 u Eddy wrote:
Andy D, 11th Sept 2017 Its not easy getting the plant across the line when the weather has turned. Try to keep the plant away from the edges of the greenhouse, this will keep some of the condensation off her. A greenhouse heater would be the ideal solution. Another option for next year is to grow an auto, which will finish earlier and avoid the worst of the end-of-season weather

On 31 -03-2018 at 04:20 u OGoldGUY wrote:
I grow outside pot in a wet coastal area of Humboldt County CA, and the trick I have found to keep the mold away is Serenade. I spray once a week and there is no taste after harvest except the taste of dank bud. Hey Serenade, you can send me some free shit now!

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