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The 7 most treasured items of the home-grower


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Over the years we get to speak to thousands of home growers from different countries.  In that time we have found these items are the most treasured by the home grower.  These are the items that the average self-sufficient grower would most like to keep safe.


Many cannabis lovers end up finding a particular ‘smoking’ implement and cherish it forever (or until it breaks).  For some smokers it is an ornately crafted glass pipe which becomes their smoking buddy.  For others it is a favourite bong.  Some people are satisfied simply with smoking joints, but even these folk will sometimes have a preferred brand of rolling papers.  For me personally it is my trusted vapouriser which I use 99% of the time, it allows my stash to last twice as long (compared to smoking joints) and my lungs have never felt as good. 

A quality seed collection

An experienced grower never wants to run low on seeds.  Most Dutch Passion customers tend to grow a couple of crops a year to keep them supplied with the weed they need for medical or recreational purposes.  So you might think that the average customer would have a relatively small seed collection of perhaps 10-20 seeds. In fact a lot of home growers have a LOT more seeds than that, often around a hundred seeds or more - enough for several years worth of growing. 

A good stash

This is an obvious ‘most treasured item’ for any grower.  The main goal of the typical home-grower is to make sure they don’t run out of weed before the next grow is harvested.  So the home grower is proud of their own stash of quality weed.  The experienced grower always has enough weed to get them through to the next harvest, with a sensible safety buffer.


After a few years of enjoying good quality marijuana many home-growers eventually decide to invest in a really good quality grinder to properly shred their weed.  Once you have a grinder it seems like the best way to prepare your weed for the bong/vapouriser or your joint.  But there are grinders and there are PRO-GRINDERS.  One item that we always get a lot of good feedback on is the professional quality Dutch Passion Pro-Grinder.  It is a full 55mm metal grinder (plastic ones are no comparison!) with the Dutch Passion logo laser-engraved on it.  We think it should be compulsory for all cannabis connoisseurs to own a top quality grinder.  You can get one of ours for just €22.50 !

Grow-room gadgets
All indoor growers take pride in their growroom.  But many growers have a special piece of equipment which they feel really makes the difference.  For some growers using HPS lights the high-performance parabolic reflectors are often highly prized, and very effective, items.  For some growers, the new high performance LED grow-lights are equally valuable.  Many growers have seen LED grow-lights achieve great results and want one themselves.  For some growers their pride and joy are the near-silent acoustic extraction fans which have eliminated any noise from their grow-room. These can be bought ‘off the shelf’ or they can be made by building a box for the extractor fan and encasing it in a polyurethane foam. 

Stealth growroom. 

Of course many people grow their cannabis plants in greenhouses or outdoors.  But those that grow indoors often spend many hours perfecting the layout and design of their growroom.  The indoor growroom is often a place where no-one visits other than the grower. Some growers take the protection of their growroom very seriously and go to extreme lengths to prevent anyone discovering it.  Sometimes entrances to growrooms are hidden under the floor, or behind shelves, paintings or cupboards.  A medical grower customer from California invested in a very high tech and cleverly designed door which was hidden behind a bookcase and operated electronically.  The project cost several thousand dollars and shortly after it was completed his city legalised medical grow operations so these costly stealth measures were unnecessary and were severely criticised by his wife.  In any event he is still extremely proud of his achievement and feels it was money well spent.  Likewise any grower that has planned and designed a secure and disguised growroom will tell you it was worth the effort and continues to be a source of pride and pleasure.

Well – that is 6 treasured items.  The question for you is what is the 7th most treasured item?  Fill in your answer with a brief reason in the comments section below.  Comments may take a few hours to be accepted and will not appear immediately.


The 3 best answers judged by the Dutch Passion Panel will win a genuine Dutch Passion Pro-Grinder, a 3-pack of AutoMazar and a 5-pack of Surprise mix.  Please note that we can only send seeds to European addresses and the competition is open for 7 days so please start thinking!The 3 best answers that win the prizes above:

Tappara on 06/07/2012
Adam on 11/07/2012
chapz on 06/07/2012

You will be contacted by e-mail for your address details.

We thank evrybody for participating!


Dutch Joe


July 6th 2012
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Recent comments (66)

On 06 -07-2012 at 16:38 u Ram bling wrote:
A good carbon filter . Keeps 'nosey' folks in the dark, and growers out of jails.

On 06 -07-2012 at 16:40 u Snatch wrote:
well it would be me storing jars as me weed gets stronger in them as thr weeks go bye,me silver rizla paper for a more less paper taste and me old plastic 5.99 grinder to roll me fat ones as well as me zipo as i would be lost with out that and me favorite off all , me old rolling box with the secret compartment the misses carnt find

On 06 -07-2012 at 16:44 u July wrote:
It's got to be my music collection, nothing like some 60's psychedelia and a trippy sativa, or a heavy indica to the sound of some old skool d+b, and of course relaxing out with a nice bit of hash to some relaxing jazz guitar, it's all an essential item to me, smoking is never the same without some tunes in the background

On 06 -07-2012 at 16:46 u Tappara wrote:
My sunny balcony. It's good for smoking, good for chilling and good for growing a couple of plants at.

On 06 -07-2012 at 16:51 u TRIPPLE B wrote:
1st up is the seeds to grow some killer bud 2nd up is the bud without it life's a misery 3rd is skins without em cant skin a fatty 4thlighter without it cant blaze that fatty 5th would have to be munchies just cause ya need to fill the face of a stoner. 6th would have to be a film something to mess with your mind 7th has to be a comfy couch/beanbag to veg on after smoking the killer bud

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:00 u Se7en wrote:
my misses!she does the rolling and the munchies!

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:13 u L,W,S wrote:
i would say my brain because with out being able to learn from my mistakes i would to be able to improve my growing skills and become a better gardener which in turn improve's the quality of my stash

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:22 u Joint hogger wrote:
the one thing i'd be lost without is my clipper lighter, not only does it light my joints when i need to but i can use the flint holder as a joint prodder as well.

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:23 u 420allday wrote:
the kiost round the corner to get drinks and chocolate.

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:30 u MED wrote:
a good skinning up tray or box. without it i would lose so much weed. not the neatest joint builder haha and my guitar :) music and weed

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:34 u Bushmaster82 wrote:
It's got to be my good buddy, there's nothing better than sharing a good smoke with a good pal

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:39 u Coreysouse wrote:
My vaporizer.. Without it your Blueberry would be of no use to me.

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:39 u Chapz wrote:
THE INTERNET Because it gives us endless resources for grow info, problem solving, purchasing seeds and equipment and connecting with other like minded people who we are otherwise isolated from :)

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:46 u Hiphip wrote:
I have a varnished piece of stem from my first ever grow. This is used a a poking stick when I roll my joints. I would hate to lose this from my box. Cheers

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:53 u Chilli wrote:
Stealth storage - I travel a lot and need something stealthy to take my weed with me. I would be absolutely lost without it - you can't beat your own home grown (plus it keeps me from dealers).

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:56 u Chilli wrote:
Stealth storage - I travel a lot and need something stealthy to take my weed with me. I would be absolutely lost without it - you can't beat your own home grown (plus it keeps me from dealers).

On 06 -07-2012 at 17:59 u Tony Montana wrote:
Chocolate HobNobs 'nuff said

On 06 -07-2012 at 18:18 u Vince noir wrote:
most treasured stoner possession is my short term memory and my most treasured stoner possession is my short term memory .

On 06 -07-2012 at 18:39 u Paul wrote:
The most treasured item in the room is the motherplants. By watching them, you get to know their needs. For example, when they are hungry, thirsty or need some help getting rid of pests. Finally they hold the key to the next generation of seed! Thanks.

On 06 -07-2012 at 18:44 u Tony Montana wrote:
Chocolate HobNobs, nuff said

On 06 -07-2012 at 19:02 u Nexus wrote:
My fave is a small dice rolling box, my son made it for me to bring me luck when I used to play Bloodbowl. It's now a storage box for my seed collection, so far 100% germination rate! God knows what I'd do if I lost/broke it.

On 06 -07-2012 at 19:06 u Kushadelic2010 wrote:
Apart from my stealth drobe (which would be my first choice) i would have to say My Rolling Box; which was a present from Amsterdam from my little brother. It stores all my skins, roach and other essentials. Also handy for travel :D

On 06 -07-2012 at 20:24 u John wait-for-it Lebowski wrote:
With the years going by, a home-grower becomes somewhat distant from the lies in politics and mass-media, grows to be relaxed and clear-minded - focused on what really matters, not just money. That is because when you grow for yourself, you want you harvest clean, tasteful and of the highest quality. I'm not talking about commercial growers. I'm talking about the ones that establish a connection not just with cannabis, but with nature overall. A long-term home grower cares about his/her roots and respects his/her health more than the average go-to-the-supermarket consumer. So, an important part of the day of an active home grower would be the means of transportation they use. In my case - an environmental-friendly bicycle. So, my answer would be: "A safe and "eco" way of getting from point A to your friends to share your great medicine and have a laugh or two." :)

On 06 -07-2012 at 21:34 u J. C. Nilsson wrote:
My humidity meter for soil ! It`s helps me a lot !

On 07 -07-2012 at 15:06 u Ganjaman17 wrote:
IF you had all the above locked in a room wouldnt be any good without a Lighter. Need a good and trusted lighter that aint gunna let ya down

On 07 -07-2012 at 18:20 u TwynFysh wrote:
I love my pipe , had it a while now , it kinda looks like a Cigar , I really love Weed ...

On 08 -07-2012 at 13:49 u Skymaster wrote:
For me, the seventh most treasured item is a good quality soil mix (it helps a lot).

On 08 -07-2012 at 14:10 u Pandeviant wrote:
My Dunhill lighter. It was a present for my 40th birthday and costs more than I make in a week. So much more satisfying than a cheapo plastic one.

On 08 -07-2012 at 17:20 u Stefan wrote:
For me it is definately the sun! The combination of Dutch Passion genetics and lots of sunshine gives the best ratio of cannabinoids for a nice smoking experience.

On 08 -07-2012 at 18:10 u Countzero404 wrote:
1: My grow cab, without it all is lost 2: everything in my grow cab 3: my rolling tray my bro got me from wolf productions ages ago. 4: my little hitter pipe, great when gaming 5: my led clone light, its groovey 6: my air bubbler for feeding my babies So I guess 7 would be jointly (heh) my surgical scissors and chopping tub, absolutely lost without em.

On 08 -07-2012 at 18:22 u T-800 wrote:
My Chikamasa scissors. Makes trimming so much easier and quicker. Gentle on the hands too.

On 08 -07-2012 at 20:01 u Cannabis Kid wrote:
Its gotta be the forums of the interweb, hasn't it? Without the forums we all use, who would we show off our latest mum's-to-be and frosty as the antarctic bud shots? Not to mention the immense wealth of knowledge to be found in the same place too. I would still be stuck at square one if it wasn't for forums online where people grow and share knowledge and information. I think that the web is an often overlooked but not underused tool for us cannabis growers and without it i'd be totally lost!

On 08 -07-2012 at 22:16 u Tigbits wrote:
Amazon.co.uk? Does that count?

On 08 -07-2012 at 22:30 u Bc1 wrote:
my Coffee Cafetiere i can make a blinding cup of Java or i could make some BHO :-)

On 08 -07-2012 at 22:35 u Lee wrote:
My item would have to be my curing jars, the reason for this is, without the true quality of long curing i would never be able to have such amazing tasting buds. so of course the curing jars have to be my number 7 and probably also for the other connoisseur's out there :)

On 08 -07-2012 at 22:43 u Blu Merle wrote:
a stash for a stoner & a carbon filter for a grower

On 08 -07-2012 at 23:04 u Ben wrote:
It would have to be my trusty green watering can that has been with me from the beginning some 20+ years

On 08 -07-2012 at 23:20 u Lotty wrote:
For me i'd say the 7th thing for the list (maybe even the 1st) would be a strong will, you need to be non defeatist to deal with the various problems that inevitably come up, you have to lead a double life sometimes, not telling anyone about your grow or your amazing hobby, and you need to be prepared to sit in a cell for hours on end, plotting how you will set up your next grow when you get home :) I have to say without strong will power and the ability to overcome obstacles it would have been too easy to give up after the filth ruined everything.

On 09 -07-2012 at 00:33 u Chemist wrote:
fingers without the use of which id have proper trouble rolling smokeing growing allof it so there well treasured shud be insured i reckon

On 09 -07-2012 at 10:05 u Jo wrote:
my heart would have to be my number 7, because without the love for the beautiful plant i would never attcheive such great results, i put all my heart and soul into growing my medical stash. And im sure without the love of someones heart the plants just wouldnt thrive as much as they do. PEACE TO ALL DP GROWERS

On 09 -07-2012 at 10:11 u Budman1988 wrote:
as an outdoor grower i say the sun....without it we would not have the beauty of mother nature. so definatly is got to be the 7th. It brings us all life and happiness

On 09 -07-2012 at 18:24 u Jay Stevens wrote:
A great R/O system, as water is the life of our babies. An these new almost 0 waste units we can stay greener. Got to be # 7... Keep up the amazing genetics cause your stuff rocks with LEDs

On 09 -07-2012 at 18:34 u Famileguy wrote:
a good stash . carbon filter. seed collection. grow book/laptop

On 09 -07-2012 at 19:41 u Nemeckaly wrote:
A relaxing place to smoke.. I personally preffer high spots with a clear sight on my home town :)

On 09 -07-2012 at 23:20 u MED wrote:
ash trays. keeping tables and clothes clean since civilization began.

On 10 -07-2012 at 00:27 u Alan haswell wrote:
as a outdoor grower i would have to say the sun is mine. this year i havent seen it out much and do i miss it.

On 10 -07-2012 at 13:13 u Pier09 wrote:
A munificient brass chillum I bought in India in the 70ies and I lost somewhere between Stambul and Calcutta.

On 10 -07-2012 at 22:38 u Mcfly wrote:
Has to be the Credit card, without it, could,nt make those growroom purchases that you need, but don't have the money to buy. How else you gonna buy DP seeds?? And well, I don't think that I am the only one that has gotten stuck on the home shopping channel, or watching an infomercial...and finally you can sit in the comfort of your own home, and order just about any kind of munchies and have them delivered direct to your door, while only having to move your fingers.

On 11 -07-2012 at 18:38 u Smokey mc pot wrote:
The 7th item is my computer. without it i would not be able to oder my seeds and grow equipment. find out as much info on the plant and help me solve problems. also i wouldnt be able to tell you what my 7th item is without using my computer so yes 7th IS MY COMP :)

On 11 -07-2012 at 18:42 u Adam wrote:
good friends to share with!

On 12 -07-2012 at 01:25 u Lee wrote:
definatly my triming equipment so i can get those buds looking nice and tidy (award winning buds for me)

On 12 -07-2012 at 09:01 u Damo wrote:
The grow medium, what ever type it is. you always need a quality medium for a good quality marijuana. only the dutch finest mediums for me tho.

On 12 -07-2012 at 12:43 u Sean wrote:
My propagator is essential since it gives gentle heat to sprout my jiffy cube seeds with nearly total success. I once put some covered(with bin liner for darkness) seeds in a windowsill for heat and steamed the life out of them. My Jorge Cervantes growers bible is also essential now since it has helped me many times, a book that is full of divine inspirations.

On 12 -07-2012 at 15:19 u Last Waltz wrote:
a guitar, and a mini patriot system to keep thieves and cops off of my land. Just because I don't think this trojka of Alcohol, Farmaceutics and Tobacco companies will ever let us have our legalisation...even if it is illogic to keep up prohibition. We gotta live with the sheeple...

On 12 -07-2012 at 17:53 u Geoff wrote:
Twist & Tie wire. Cheap as it comes but invaluable. Use this for everything from, supporting weak stretched seedlings by poking a bit into the medium and looping round stem, to supporting buds by hanging from the ceiling. Without this I'd be lost as I'm sure many would.

On 13 -07-2012 at 02:27 u Shepherd wrote:
A blunt full of kief

On 13 -07-2012 at 23:43 u Billy Wu wrote:
The most valuable 7th stoner possession.. that's quite a tough one. I've found that my most treasured stoner possession besides all those listed above is a good lighter! What is my weed if I can't smoke it? I couldn't live without my Zippo and windproof lighters. They're reliable, always in the same place and totally invaluable!

On 14 -07-2012 at 15:29 u Stucaz wrote:
I have a Tray I use to roll my joints on, it's got a Photo of an Old Friend on it i like to rember when I am having a smoke. Could not be without it.

On 15 -07-2012 at 21:34 u Vince noir wrote:
and my short term memory

On 16 -07-2012 at 15:22 u Dudley wrote:
Probably been said, but it has to be a good quality stash box to keep that precious harvest and other smoking materials in. You know what us stoners are like.. lighters that disappear, hash that falls onto the floor and dimension jumps etc...

On 16 -07-2012 at 20:06 u Scroger Moore wrote:
My most treasured home grower item? Patience. Its easy to get frustrated when things dont go quite as we expect and its sometimes tempting to jack it all in, indoor growing or outdoors. But with a sense of patience, most of the time, it will work out in the end.

On 16 -07-2012 at 20:56 u MR PHENO wrote:
my 7th treasured resource i say its you the breeders without you guys i would not have such great genetics in my line up ,as i do not have resources time an space to go through countless plants selecting top quality parents to breed an give us guys such unique strains, variants,tastes etc all the rest dose'nt matter i would use a light bulb an coffee cup to grow, butter knife to grind an cut the bud an tracing paper to smoke it an a magnifying glass to light it if it was a cloudy day i'd go back to caveman style with me two sticks an a bit of hay as long as my genetics are top notch i know i will have some quality buddage to smoke

On 16 -07-2012 at 22:07 u Killerb wrote:
A copy of "The Art and Science of Cooking with Canabis" by Adam Gottlieb. It lets me enjoy quality weed and keeps my lungs in fantastic condition. Have a peek @: http://www.scribd.com/doc/4804980/The-Art-and-Science-of-Cooking-With-Cannabis Enjoy the cooking and send some samples to the DP guys, in Dutch we say: "geef ze maar een koekje van eigen deeg" ;^}

On 17 -07-2012 at 17:21 u Hizzle wrote:
The 7th item which is the most important one on the list is a person with the ability and passion to use all of the above. Make, consume and store the best 'fruit' around, with no one knowing.

On 18 -07-2012 at 15:40 u Lee wrote:
do the winners get anounced on here?

On 21 -02-2018 at 14:01 u Darkside wrote:
Hi, I looking for serious home growers using LED.

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