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The Ultimate grow review by Autoberry


cartoon of the ultimate, the home growers dream

Dutch Passion variety ‘The Ultimate’ is a one of our most highly rated varieties. It is without doubt one of the very best yielding varieties in our collection, only Power Plant and perhaps OutLaw are capable of matching the XXL yields.  The Ultimate is also a strong and potent variety, we can’t recommend it highly enough!

Our blog this week features an amazing 1100W of LED used to grow 15 plants.  The plants gave an average of 114g of pot which the grower describes as some of the best he has grown.  As previous customer grow diaries of The Ultimate have shown, The Ultimate is one of those varieties that can increase the harvest quantities from your growroom simply through the sheer size of the blooms produced.  This is a variety which really does need support to prevent the plant collapsing during the final stage of flowering.

the ultimate, massive bloom potential


The customer grow diary this week comes from AutoBerry, a connoisseur soil home-grower who specialises in using high levels of LED light together with a careful nutrient regime to deliver the kind of harvests that any home grower would be happy with.

AutoBerry uses his home-made air-pots.  Air-pots are a great alternative to the traditional ‘plant-pot’ design which allow extra levels of root oxygenation, this in turn allows for a healthy root system and minimises the chance of roots becoming water-logged.  AutoBerry uses a ratio of 10 litres of John Innes soil, to which he adds a tea-spoon  of Epsom Salts (magnesium-rich supplement), a teaspoon of ChemPac Potash, and half a teaspoon of baby-feed powdered milk.  To this he adds 25% of potting sand and perlite to ensure that the soil drainage and aeration is improved.

a very busy growroom with blooms everywhere


In this grow the feeding and watering is done with a dripper to feed up to 12 plants using a timer system.  The timer waters the plants twice each day, 2 hours after lights-on, and 3 hours before lights-off.  The highest feed volume was 750ml towards the end of the grow.  Feed was from Canna nutrients, AutoBerry used Canna Terra Flores, pK boost, Rizo, Zym and Boost.  In addition vitamin/mineral drops were added at 2 mls/litre.  RO (Reverse Osmosis) water was used for mixing the feed. RO water is often used by serious home-growers since it removes all background traces of the natural minerals found in the local water supply.  This allows the grower to have greater control of the accuracy of the final feed solution.  AutoBerry buffered the final feed solution and re-circulated it for 15 minutes in his reservoir before it was delivered to the plants. No air stones were used in the reservoir. The feed started at an EC (electrical conductivity) of 0.6 and a maximum of 1.8.  AutoBerry uses a growing technique which might seem complicated, especially to new growers, but it also delivered the heavy blooms that home-growers dream of.

buds as big as your fist


AutoBerry used 1100w of LED power from Quantum LED (including two of the 9-module ‘Photon 189’ units).  Temperatures were maintained at around 26°C.  The lights were on for 18 hours a day for the first 40 days.  Then the lights cycle was switched to 12-hours-on/12-hours-off for flowering.  Total dry harvest was 1650g from 15 plants, an average of 114g per plant.  The following quotes are from Autoberry himself.

crazy levels of resin production on The Ultimate

“The 50/50 indica/sativa is a great variety, a great strain for those who like balanced doses of indica/ sativa in one mega-cola edition. I had a great time with the strain, a joy to grow from seed to heavy harvest. i enjoyed the Ultimate grow, as she was no hassle, and is very tolerant of nutrients & temperatures and handles a dry out very well. I recommend to first time growers, as she is so forgiving in her genetics. A tremendous strain from Dutch Passion, for seasoned and new growers alike.”

“I used RO water (reverse osmosis, very pure) on the ultimate, so there were no excess salts. And at 26°C with relative humidity of 60%, she dried in 3 days to 62% RH. She likes to spread her branches and she likes lots of light - allow it to get in to the plant by giving lots of room round her. I watered twice per day and she would take more !  The Ultimate responded superbly to the "Silica" addition to the nutrients, and this is recommended throughout the grow. The LED array brought the best out in this strain. I had colas 3 times the height of a coke can and 1.5 the diameter, on all plants !! New grower tip; make sure your soil is not compacted, allow plenty of air in to the root system in soil. Ensure air movement at all times, even when lights out, as she is a heavy respirator of Oxygen and water."

dense nuggets and sticky too


“The Ultimate, when cured for 30 days, at 62% RH, hits you with pineapple lemonade fruit zest in the mouth. The Ultimate is one of the Dutch Passion team favourites, and I can see why now. After my first sample of the strain it is truly and wholly the fragrance of Amsterdam in one packet. The aroma bouquet, is multi complex and sweet to the tongue. Delicious, with hints of caramel, fruity, sweet zesty. A truly adorable all rounder. It is a very full complex classic quality aroma when prepared correctly, wonderful to savour"long classy looking blooms


“Average yield from the 15 plants was 114g per plant. The last 3-4 weeks of blooming where amazing to watch, she is very reluctant to give up her nitrogen in fan-leaves at the end of the grow, she holds it back until the last week, and then dishes up the weight gain in proportions I haven't seen before. I could so easy pop another set of beans in of these, as i am so impressed with her genetic vigour and integrity delivering fantastic performance for the new grower experience. She can produce a lot of hash for the hash man"

perfect home growing, lots of buds

“The Ultimate has now earned a place in my top 10 personal choice list for all round delivery of a great product, from the 50/50 indica sativa blend, to the flavour and scent of this strain. It delivers hassle free growing and a superb bouquet when smoked. I am rarely able to finish a 0.5g joint, as she is so smooth in delta delivery to the cerebellum !. A clear high at 0.5g and at 1.2g a mental one. So adaptable by volume and power. A versatile adaptable pure delta nine delivery. The reverence of the bouquet, reminded me of the first time in "Amstel" and the sweetness of the scents coming from the Bulldog Coffeeshop on the Voorburgwal. A steady high, activities are not affected, long lasting, around 3-4hrs from a 0.5g joint.........a true master piece from the DP team. Highly recommended to all. A master piece of genetics. Congratulations Dutch Passion.”


The Ultimate is a variety which gets lots of great feedback for both quality and quantity.  If you are looking for a memorable variety then The Ultimate comes with our highest recommendations.

Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

October 11th 2013
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On 12 -10-2013 at 10:29 u Insert wrote:
Super looking Grow AB great buds and exellent smoke report. THanks

On 14 -10-2013 at 11:28 u Duggy wrote:
Nice blog AB..

On 29 -10-2013 at 00:34 u Hazy wrote:
Great grow AB....

On 09 -11-2014 at 18:17 u Josh green wrote:
Hi Im just about to start some of these beens off but wanted to know a bit more about the nutrient schedule you used I\'ve just purchased the canna notes but have no experience with them but have been told they are the best

On 23 -03-2018 at 14:01 u Enigma wrote:
Canna nutrients are not the best, you hear wrong, but it s true they are much cheper nutrients. Try Advance nutrients and use calculator for feeding and then you will see the difference, try ph perfect program. Good luck.

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