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Think Different 316g harvest from 3 plants by Hazy


think different 316g by Hazy

Dutch Passion Think Different seeds continue to be one of our best selling and most highly praised ever since Seymour Buds stunned us with his 356g harvest from the first ever grow diary.  We have had numerous customers report 100gram++ yields from her. Think Different remains the real ‘surprise package’ in the Dutch Passion collection with seriously heavy yields of top quality ganja. The plants are typically ready to harvest around 10-11 weeks after germinating the seeds.  This weeks blog follows Hazy’s first ever experience growing AutoFem’s, and he is rewarded with 316g of top quality Think Different buds from just 3 Think Different plants grown for 74 days in soil under a 600W HPS light.  All the photo’s and comments are from Hazy, the full grow diary is here on Autoflower Network, a growers forum where many of the best auto-growers meet.  The Think Different plants were grown underneath a wire-mesh screen which forces horizontal plant growth with only the buds allowed to grow upwards; the ‘screen of green’ or ‘SCROG’ technique.  It is a way of keeping an even canopy of buds, all equidistant from the light and all receiving maximum light intensity for the best yield.  It’s very easy to do, simply repeatedly tuck the growing tips of the plant underneath a horizontal mesh screen.


think different macro shot of resin glands, yummy


All comments below are from Hazy

The plants were grown in an attic space using a 600w HPS light, it was a soil grow using Root Riots (seed germination cubes) and ‘Biobizz All Mix’ (pre-prepared soil from hydro shop) in 6.5L pots. Nutients used were Biobizz Fish Mix and BioBizz Bloom, and of course the ScrOG screen.

Think Different is great strain from a growers perspective, high yield, potent and a really easy strain to grow. Also perfect for the ScrOG due to it's sativa genetics.  The only thing i would change next time would be larger pots, if you can get 100g+ per plant in 6.5L pots ,imagine what you get in 15L pots.  To anyone thinking of growing this strain, build yourself a ScrOG. you will maximise the amount of bud sites at an even level from the light, meaning bigger yields.

another gorgeous think different

As for the smoke, it's real in your face heavy hitting sativa high. A smooth smoke with great flavour and a nice sweet smell to it. Thanks to Dutch Passion, autos have now come of age with high yielding, potent easy to grow plants. This strain should put rest to the chatter about autos being little plants that yield small amounts of low strength bud.

yet another beautiful think different

The reality, it kicks out copious amounts of large potent buds. Personally i will be growing this one out for a long time. If you have never grown Think Different before, just keep it real simple; some soil and an organic feed like ‘Biobizz Fish Mix’ and you will astounded by the results you can get without having to go crazy buying the latest grow equipment and nutrients. I had a great time growing this strain and learned a lot about Autoflowers in the process.

guess what - another great frosty Think Different

So what would I do differently? What I discovered the first time growing Think Different with ScrOG, is that because these are AutoFems and have a shorter growing phase than photos, we don't have the luxury of deciding when to start flowering, and because of that the ScrOG should be lower than it would be in a photo grow. For instance if I had lowered the ScrOG 10cm I would have been able to get another 24 bud sites on to the ScrOG, which would have added many more grams to the final yield. I really loved how easy it was to grow. Apart from feeding and a little stretching of the ScrOG it grew it's self. I was amazed at not only the quantity but the size and the quality of the buds. Buds that just keep growing and are very heavy with resin.


Congratulations to Hazy who showed that even in small plant pots Think Different is quite capable of delivering more than enough top-quality pot for the average home-grower.  This was also a great example of how the home-grower can use a SCROG screen to tremendous advantage when it comes to maximising yields from a small number of plants.  If anyone is still unsure of AutoFem’s then now is the time to Think Different.  They are easy to grow under a system of 20 hours of daily light and in many cases are proving to be the most effective way of delivering the best yields of top quality cannabis in as little as 10 weeks from planting the seed.  Try growing some in 2013.


Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

table summarising Hazys grow conditions

December 28th 2012
Easy Indoor
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Recent comments (12)

On 28 -12-2012 at 09:57 u Noods wrote:
Stunning genetics DP, and wonderfully grown, Hazy! *****

On 28 -12-2012 at 12:33 u Duggy wrote:
Awesome job Hazy, beautiful mate.

On 28 -12-2012 at 16:58 u Insert wrote:
Way to go HAZY That is the shiznit!!!

On 28 -12-2012 at 19:25 u Yosser hughes wrote:
cracking grow dude hats off to u and the dutch passion crew,yummy

On 29 -12-2012 at 01:20 u Godzilar wrote:
Nice Nice Nice...

On 30 -12-2012 at 12:03 u Hazy wrote:
Thanks for all the positive comments, and a big shout out to the good people at Dutch Passion, who make it all possible.

On 01 -01-2013 at 22:17 u Victor wrote:
i love euphoria i get from seed to smoke in less than 60 days ,with a few growing secrets of course ,i love dutch passion seeds ,phew thank god for dutch passion seeds,

On 19 -02-2013 at 01:29 u Ross wrote:
What do you recommend the height is from the pot?

On 03 -03-2013 at 00:41 u Hazy wrote:
Hey Ross, About 8" from the soil.. the lower the better as you'll get more of the lower bud sites on to the ScrOG.

On 09 -04-2013 at 02:54 u Rebelbhoy wrote:
Superb lookin girls you got there man. I got 3 under a 600w in biobizz light mix now. I hope they are half as nice as yours mate, Happy toking

On 25 -04-2013 at 09:20 u Ryan wrote:
Besides scrog, did you do any LST or otherwise adjust the canaopy? Thanks in advance for info!

On 20 -01-2014 at 17:46 u Paul Bunyon wrote:
How tall did the ladies get? Would they get bigger/ taller in a Dwc?

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