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Think Different - Amazing customer grow review and photo's


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If Dutch Passion have one particular AutoFem which consistently exceeds customer expectations it has to be Think Different.  Ever since she was introduced she has been thrilling customers. Not only is she a top quality smoke, she has the ability to produce massive amounts of buds.  The photo’s from this weeks blog speak for themselves, this is an incredible customer grow report from UK grower ‘Bambud’. 

amazing bushy plant

Where is the grower hiding?  Home-growing does not get much better than this special Think Different


Bambud grew a single Think Different in a home-made grow cabinet using DWC (deep water culture), the Think Different was started under 385w of compact fluorescent lights and finished under a 600W HPS light.  The result was a bushy Think Different which produced 20+ blooms, all of which were large with hard dense buds.  It was a very special grow, the words and pictures are from Bambud himself, the original grow diary is here on the Autoflower growers forum.

frosty buds

 Think Different - offering quality as well as quantity

“Think Different is a true monster. She eats what she’s given, and if you listen to her well enough, you can really push her to the extremes. Even with the occasional pH drop, it's an extremely resilient plant. Towards the end of the grow she did start to get a little out of control, and as her feeding habits change the PH would change quite a bit over night. What I did notice though, is that when I swapped over to flowering nutes, using the Lucas formula (1:2 Micro:Bloom) the reservoir pH hardly altered at all for about a month, staying constantly at around 5.8-6.2. For the first month and a half of the grow it would regularly drop from 6.2 down to 5.5 or lower if I did not catch it in time.”

frsoty nuggets baby

“If I grew Think Different again, the only thing I would do different is implement a ScrOG. Doing this I think I could have exposed even more buds, and grown even more.  As a UK smoker, this is stronger than any of the stuff you can get on the streets. By 2nd toke you already start to feel that heaviness on top of your eyes. It has a strong, up-lifting high, that also leaves a nice stony feeling and lasts a long time, 3-4 hours before the high starts to really disappear.”

close up of sticky buds

“I would say any grower could pull buds off this strain, rookie or experienced. Unless you know what you are doing I would recommend growing in soil. For someone who wants to see what they can pull out of a strain in 3-4 months, most definitely use DWC, this strain simply loves it, there were times when it was drinking up to 5-6 litres per day when it was warm.”

buds galore

“Even if I had got half of my yield I would have been happy, I was never expecting this much. Great day time and night time smoke.  I never imagined I would grow one this big, I was really inspired to grow this due to Hazy's and Seymour Bud’s grows (growers from Autoflower Network).  But I never imagined I would get anywhere near their yields. I really hope this will inspire some people to start growing their own weed, especially in the UK. I personally don’t know anyone who grows their own in the UK. It can be done so easily with a little bit of research, and we need to get those dealers off the streets! Grow your own, Think Different! “

as big as your fist



This was one of the best Think Different grows we have seen in quite a while, Bambud pushed the Think Different genetics to their limit and was rewarded with a huge harvest of top quality stash.  Many self-sufficient home growers are finding that auto’s are a great alternative to traditional varieties, auto’s are easy to grow, fast and often deliver incredible yields.  If you haven’t discovered auto’s yet then Think Different could be a perfect way to start.  A good quality AutoFem is just as potent as a top quality traditional variety and is a great choice for indoor growing, greenhouse or outdoors. 


Dutch Joe

Find me on facebook too!....https://www.facebook.com/joe.dutchpassion

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May 3rd 2013
Easy Indoor
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On 04 -05-2013 at 13:39 u Wave-id wrote:
I am very impressed by your results! Doing this strain in both aeroponic and nft i can understand what you mean when you say they get out of control! Especially in aeroponic! After seeing your results in dwc i will be trying it myself sometime! Keep keeping the dealers of the street! Good work :)

On 05 -01-2014 at 19:27 u 420247365 wrote:
Doing the same set up but with 24 hour light under 400watts hps and using ro water with cal mag. Any recommendation. Same nute set up. Temp stays around 82 to 84

On 30 -08-2014 at 19:46 u Crisostomus Antoniou wrote:
used flowering nutes from seed did you?

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