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Think Different LED/soil home grown cannabis using tomato feed



Think Different remains the best selling of all Dutch Passion automatics for good reasons, she grows well under most conditions and produces above-average crops of beautifully strong cannabis.  This weeks home grow review from ‘Paulie' shows a typical customer home grow with around 100g (about 3 ounces) of dried buds harvested from a single plant. 


Paulie used a small tent, 60cm x 60cm x 140cm, together with an LED (his first time using LED) and produced some great looking cannabis. If we made a survey of Dutch Passion auto flower growers, most of them would be very happy to get around 100g per plant.  This Think Different grow from Paulie (from the friendly Green Circle growers forum) shows what can be achieved in a simple and well organised home grow.   Its not necessary to have a huge tent to be a self-sufficient cannabis home grower, cannabis is a versatile plant and will grow almost anywhere.


This grow was done with the flowering tip chopped off the Think Different ,after 2 weeks.  Most auto growers prefer not to remove the growing tip of the plant which tends to produce smaller bushier plants with lots of blooms.  However we have seen other home growers use this ‘topping’ technique on other Think Different grows, notably the one from Bambud.

 The pictures and words come from Paulie:

“The grow medium was soil with a bit of perlite and dolomite lime (a calcium/magnesium rich mineral) mixed in.  It was in a 17 litre felt sack.  Its a tiny tent, 60x60x140cm.  The light is an unbranded led panel with a power draw of 320w.  Its the first time I have used one.  The light cycle I used was 18/6 from start to finish, i.e. 18 hours of light followed by 6 hours of darkness each day.”




“The nutrients were Tomorite tomato feed (a standard garden centre tomato feed) and Buddhas Tree PK 9/18 (a bloom booster).  Seed to harvest took 83 days.  The trichomes were cloudy with 10% of the trichomes amber at the start of the last week water flush.”


“I wanted to make the plant bushy instead of tall so i topped it at 14 days at the 3rd node (i.e. the growing tip was cut off at the 3rd node).  This produced 3 new tops.  The Think Different reacted well to this and when she grew a bit taller I used some LST (Low stress training, tying down the branches) to open her up to the light.”


“All was going well until i had to go away for a few days and I under-watered her...doh!!...she went really droopy and it took me a while to get her up and running again.  I think this is what put her back a bit and stunted growth, she was only 22 inches tall at the end.”


“I don’t have a formalised feed schedule as such.  Captain Beefheart (see his famous Skunk #11 grow here) once told me how to read my plants and on this grow i started feeding with Tomorite from week 4-5 .  I used about 3mls per litre I watched how the Think Different reacted and adjusted the feeding accordingly.  The Buddhas Tree ‘PK boost’ was added from week 6, at about 0.5ml/litre on every second watering.  This continued up to the start of the final flush.”




“She really started to pack on the weight in the last 3 weeks, the buds almost doubled in size.  The buds were heavily coated in sticky trichomes and were nice and hard.  There was a really nice fruity smell and taste with a smooth tasty smoke which leaves a hazy smell in the room.  Its ideal for an early evening smoke to relax after work....very very munchie though (Think Different stimulates a strong appetite).” 


“I would certainly grow this strain again.   Although she reacted well to the process I wouldn’t recommend cutting off the growing tip.  I have to use LST (low stress training) with my small grow room but left alone, and without my mistake, I think she would have produced a lot more.”




Congratulations to Paulie on his grow, he showed the versatility of the modern auto flower which was topped (growing tip cut off), tied down using LST and bloomed under 18 hours of daily light under LED.  


Perhaps most interesting was seeing Paulie show that cannabis grows well even when fed standard Tomato nutrients.  It shows that cannabis is easy to grow, you don't need a huge grow tent and lots of sophisticated feeding products to produce your own crop of home grown cannabis. 


July 24th 2015
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Recent comments (10)

On 28 -07-2015 at 10:35 u Revert wrote:
Very very nicely done Paulie. Congrats and mon the Leds!

On 28 -07-2015 at 18:23 u Budgie wrote:
Just goes to show what can be done, even to autflowering cannabis, in small places and keeping it simple. E.C, Ms, PH, stims, boosts, macro, micro....whats all that about eh :) Cracking plant Paulie, you should be proud of your green-fingered handywork

On 05 -12-2015 at 10:16 u Luna wrote:
I have planted a paper-towel germinated Think Different about a week and half ago in coco, small pot. The seed sprouted in about 24 hrs above soil, and the first true leaves came out 2 days later. But ever since it has not shown any development. The leaves are growing very very slowly, and no new leaves have grown since the first true leaves. I have two 2700k 23w cfls, about 2" above the seedling. Is it enough? What should I do?

On 07 -12-2015 at 09:54 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Luna, 5/12/15. cannabis needs much more light than that. Most people would consider 250W HPS a minimum amount.

On 07 -12-2015 at 11:18 u Luna wrote:
Thank you. How fast will the seedlings recover/ bounce back, after the new light is introduced. Because they are already delayed? by some 2 weeks??

On 16 -12-2015 at 19:21 u Tyson wrote:
Luna.. U need 6500k for the first (veg) 4weeks ..not 2700k. So buy 2 x 6500k cfls and use them during week 1-4 and then simply switch them back to 2x2700k for week 5-11. And plz leave us some feedback here on how she did. ;)

On 26 -05-2016 at 16:35 u K3k4 h4rri5 wrote:
Yes man what a nice auto fair play mate its looks the bom tbf tha dry bid shot is lovely nice light yellowish orange hairs and nice green to it and I have done a outdoors grow in the UK with a photoperiod plant and I used tomorite I could not find were it was the one day it was such a focusing place were I did it but I found it buy the smell and it had nmo buds but it stunk of fire cheese I fort when I smelt it there wud of bin at least a few bud but no did I. The end was nice weed man and a tip I'd give to peeps is to invest in some silicacid as its great man its helps the entegratee of the plant and keeps pest at bay plus I'm growing some autos now and I am useing tomorite against but got a bloom formula carnt remember Tue name but its got a honey bee on the Lable and silic acid is all I use now and they look SSO healthy and I have a small cannabis plant about 18 inches night but fully buded was a experiment to see how long a bag seed took to flower as I did not now tyhe strain so I put strait from seed to flower it didn't flower till at least 3 weeks in it had pre flowers at about 2 1/2 weeks and now she is a lovely little plant tbf she has such a unique smell she changes though the days one day she smelt more bubblegum or bubba kush smell BT then I got a lemony skunk smell like exadus cheese mixed with a lemon smell really blagged my head as I didn't think tha it wud carry both parent smells she has light lime green buds with darker leave and really light orange hairs like wa u have in The pic but I do t this k its gunna be tua pukka as she was not put need HP's till she had at least 16 bud sites showing kits cute and I'm gunna cure the he'll out of it to getmaxumum fast so u can better determine the genetics BT I probs gunna be rongbut if u ask me weed has many smells BT they all have category's they fit into like skunk and cheese are the same breed with the difference in smell the cheese has more his f a potent smell BT the skunk is so summer tha a lot of people have skunk and this k its cheese

On 16 -03-2017 at 16:07 u Craigyboi420 wrote:
I recently bought some think diffarent auto glueberry auto and auto mazar the last time i tried growing autoa indoors i put in small pot,3" then repotted in coco into 10-15 litre pots, they ended up tiny,6inches or so to stop this am i best starting in pots autos will finish off in?, if growing outsoors at what age should my autos go outside? Thanks

On 17 -03-2017 at 16:10 u Eddy wrote:
CraigyBoi420. Yes, its often easier to put the autos directly into their final pots. This may allow faster growth and prevent roots getting root-bound. If you are growing them outdoors we recommend to grow them indoors for 3 weeks under 24/0 light. They should go out after the last frost (late May, or early june for Northern Europe)

On 14 -06-2018 at 05:52 u Peter wrote:
You the man Paulie, a true inspiration, a grower legend in my books.

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