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UK. BBC asks if cannabis oil can cure cancer



Above, a jar of medical cannabis oil made from Dutch Passion CBD SkunkHaze


The use of cannabis oil by an increasing number of cancer patients has got many news organisations curious about the potential healing properties of cannabis oil.  The cannabis oil is extracted from the dried flowers of the cannabis plant, it is a concentrated plant extract which contains the cannabinoid chemicals which many people find to have useful medical properties.  The pain-killing properties of cannabis are well documented.  And in places such as the USA cannabis is used legally in around half the states with pain relief being one of the most common.  However interest in the anti-cancer properties of cannabis is gathering momentum, and it is interesting that mainstream news organisations such as the BBC are starting to get more interested in the subject,

See the short BBC film on the issue here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-32020114

March 27th 2015

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