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UK. GW Pharmaceuticals start anti-epilepsy trials on CBD rich cannabis extract Epidiolex


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Universities in London and Edinburgh are planning a ground-breaking UK research study into the use of cannabis for prevention of epileptic attacks.  The study will focus on a new medicine from GW Pharmaceuticals called Epidiolex.  The study will look into the ways cannabis extracts can decrease/stop epileptic fits especially Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gestaut syndrome.  The work follows the Colorado experiments that have shown cannabis extracts rich in CBD have had dramatic impacts on those, especially children, that have found no relief from prescription medicine.
The UK trials will take place at the world famous Great Ormond Street Childrens hospital and also the Royal Hospital For Sick Childen with the lead work taking place in Edinburgh.  Researchers are officially cautious about what to expect, but work from Colorado has shown that there is every reason for optimism with these trials.
Epidiolex is currently an unapproved 'trial' drug but that will change quickly if it is seen to be successful.  It is a CBD-rich medicine and if it is priced at similar levels to the current Sativex drug it will be difficult for the UK National Health Service to afford it even if it is successful.  However, it is very likely that success is just a few months away and the UK government will face renewed called for legalisation of medical cannabis as a result of the future trials.  
More information on the trials is here from the UK epileptic society
And more information from GW Pharmaceuticals about Epidiolex is here
May 27th 2014

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