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UK. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, even the cops want pot legalised


Jason reed cannabis hero

Above, Jason Reed, organiser of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition UK (LEAP UK)


UK.  Most police officers are reluctant to speak out against the futility of the prohibition on cannabis, especially serving police officers.  However a group called Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is growing steadily in numbers and influence.  In the UK,’ LEAP' is organised by the Jason Reed, himself a medical marijuana user and also a writer /musician as well as a blogger for the Huffington Post.  

LEAP UK has many senior police officers as members and even former MI5 agents who have all realised the sad truth - that the laws against cannabis are actually causing more socioeconomic damage than cannabis itself.  The same is true of other prohibited substances.  One other important message from LEAP is that prohibition costs a great deal of money to enforce and it is ineffective - drugs have never been cheaper and more freely available than they are today.  The sad truth is that cannabis prohibition has only created one group of winners - the criminal gangs whose pockets are always full thanks to prohibition.  

LEAP is now an international movement with chapters in many countries.  If you are involved in educating people to explain the truth about cannabis then you should consider contacting your local LEAP organisation.  As you can see from the link, below, LEAP is also a great way to generate media attention to the failed prohibition of cannabis.


May 22nd 2014

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