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UK. Medical interest continues in cannabis use for MS relief



Although medical marijuana users have known this for years, new medical studies continue to show that cannabis can deliver significant improvements to those that suffer multiple sclerosis (MS).  Unlike traditional medicines, cannabis can improve several different symptoms.  Specifically, cannabis helps with muscle stiffness (‘spasticity’), pain and the need to urinate frequently. The precise mechanism used by the cannabis to deliver these improvements is still being studied.  But many researchers now believe that is is the anti-inflammatory properties which are playing a key part. This would also explain why CBD-rich varieties are also particularly helpful to MS sufferers - CBD is gaining widespread scientific interest in its anti-inflammatory properties.
This report is far from being a  breaking medical break-through.  But it is one of many new reports we see from the world of medical science which are now routinely speaking of the medical benefits of cannabis.  This is a significant improvement on the situation just a few years ago.  Lets hope it continues and we see more medical interest in cannabis
May 13th 2014

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