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UK. Sativex study proves cannabis does not reduce brain power


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UK.  Its official. A UK study by medical-marijuana pioneer GW Phramaceuticals shows cannabis does not have a long term effect on brain power.

The world biggest international medical marijuana supplier is the UK's 'GW Pharmaceutical' which operates with a monopoly position within the UK as the only legal cannabis grower.  GW Pharma make an alcohol extraction of the whole cannabis plant to produce an oral spray which combines primarily THC and CBD, two of the main cannabinoids in the cannabis plant.  The spray is used to help with the treatment of MS.

The study from GW proves that there is no long term effect on brain cognitive power following the use of cannabis.  This is a useful study since it scientifically removes any doubts over the use of cannabis as a medicine.  One of the 'scare stories' used by cannabis prohibitionists has been that long term cannabis use can impair brain function leaving users not quite as 'sharp' as they used to be.  This report shows that there really is no valid objection to the medicinal use of cannabis

the full report is here

September 4th 2013

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