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UK. Conservative party to consider relaxing UK drug laws ?


getting the youth vote

Will the UK politicians relax cannabis laws to try to get more votes ?



With UK national elections only a year away the political parties are starting to think about their policy proposals to get them elected.  The conservative party, traditionally right wing, are playing with some controversial ideas generated by one of their own think-tanks.  The idea is to abandon the decades-old war on drugs, saving costs, dealing a massive financial blow to organised crime and hopefully ‘re-connecting with young voters’.   
But will David Cameron and the rest agree?  Many political observers comment that the idea of legalizing drugs might have seemed like political suicide a few years ago.  But today it is felt that the politicians would not need to be so afraid of the judgemental headlines from the newspapers.  
The full story is here.  UK cannabis users, both recreational and medical, will be interested to see if drug policy debate will actually make it as a major talking point for the first point in a UK election.


May 1st 2014

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