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Uruguay: Government vote in favour of complete legalisation of cannabis


Uruguay.  Some people said it would never get passed in the Uruguayan House Of Representatives.  But it did !  A bill to fully legalise cannabis in Uruguay has been passed.  Now it needs approval from the Uruguay senate, which it should get.  What that will mean is that soon the Uruguayan Government will be the countrys legal supplier of dope, allowing citizens of this new stoner nirvana to buy 40g of pot each month, or grow up to 6 plants of their own.  Overnight, the Uruguay Government will become the worlds biggest pot producer and supplier.

The impact will be clear, the criminal underworld connections to cannabis will be wiped out overnight.  Uruguay will show the rest of the world how easy it really is to seperate the criminal underworld from any connections to cannabis.  The bill was unveiled last year by Defence Minister Eleuterio Fernandez Huidobro who argued that "the prohibition of certain drugs is creating more problems for society than the drugs themselves".

It is great to see some intelligent thinking among politicians.  No doubt several other South American nations will be watching closely and we can be sure that the next few years will see more of this kind of thinking.  The war on cannabis has been an epic fail.  Which makes it all the more satisfying to see legalisation starting to appear around the world.


The full story is here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-23516966

August 2nd 2013

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