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Uruguay legalizes cannabis !



urugauy legalizes the herb OH YEAH

Uruguay legalizes cannabis !

On the 10th December 2013 the Uruguayan Senate voted by 16 votes to 13 to legalize the production, distribution, sale and enjoyment of cannabis for recreational purposes.   Uruguay is the first nation on earth to revoke the failed policies of cannabis prohibition, it's a historic time for cannabis lovers to celebrate the ongoing collapse of prohibition.  Ignoring pressure from the United Nations, ignoring pressure from prohibition lobby groups, President Mujica of Uruguay has made a bold move which is certain to be followed by other countries and there are several reasons why

Prohibition of cannabis never worked anyway.  Legalizing pot is the logical, responsible and sensible thing to do.  Despite the backing of every world leader for decades, despite worldwide political, military and police commitment to eradicate cannabis, despite $Billions wasted on prohibition, cannabis is more freely available than ever before.  The war on drugs has been an epic failure.

The only beneficiaries of cannabis prohibition were organised criminals.   The war on drugs has scarred our young people with criminal records which harm employment and education prospects.  It has cost collosal amounts of cash to fight the war on drugs.  The war on drugs never protected society, it only protected the criminal gangs who had been gifted supply and control by our political 'leaders'.  Prohibition does not reduce consumption, it only amplifies harm.  Cannabis should not be regarded as a legal issue, it should be regarded as a medical issue.

No nation on earth has managed to eradicate cannabis use by prohibition.  However, cannabis prohibition has gifted tax-free revenues to a generation of criminals who have used the cash to amplify the effect of their other criminal activities.  The effect of cannabis prohibition has been to enrich criminal gangs and cause more damage to society than cannabis ever could. 

Cannabis is not as dangerous as our Governments have told us.  In fact medical studies are revealing it to be a multi-purpose medicine with a wide variety of uses.  Cannabis is widely, and safely, used by millions of adults for recreational purposes with no significant ill-effects.  Cannabis is less harmful than alcohol and less addictive than tobacco.  Cannabis is not toxic like alcohol, it will not leave you with a hangover.  Nor will you get a beer-belly from using cannabis.  Most Governments have systematically ignored advice from their own experts and made cannabis a political football.  Future generations will look back on the 'war on drugs' and it will be a case study of political failure.

Uruguay will produce their own dope, it will create thousands of jobs.  The whole supply chain will be taxed.  Criminal gangs that relied on Uruguayan pot farming for revenues will collapse along with all their other criminal ventures.  Legalization of cannabis in Uruguay will wipe out more illegal criminal gangs than the legal process could ever achieve.  Citizens of Uruguay will be able to buy 40g of pot per month, and will be allowed to grow 6 plants at a time. 

Dutch Passion send our congratulations to Uruguay, these are historic times for cannabis lovers as we watch prohibition unravel.  .



December 11th 2013

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On 11 -12-2013 at 15:37 u Uruguayan Grower wrote:
We are very happy!!! The streets were crowded when the senators were voting. I hope other countries starts doing the sameeeeeeeee Big GREEN hug from Uruguay, the first country that legalizes marihuana!!! KEEP IT GREEN!!!

On 11 -12-2013 at 20:23 u Valentina wrote:
Can Dutch Passion arrange some sort of promotion? We will gladly plant and harvest legally those dutch delights. Not many countries can say that. In fact, none can. :D

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