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USA. California gets ready for complete legalization vote on pot


legalize it baby


USA. On October 11th 2013  a proposal was submitted to the Californian Attorney General to legalize the "controlling, and regulating the cultivation, processing and distribution of marijuana for dietary, medical and adult social consumption" in the state of California

The full proposal is here, and is an interesting model for other campaigners to study.


This initiative is aiming for a general election ballot in 2014.  Most opinion polls show Californians will be in favour of legalization pot for social use, it has been widely prescribed legally by Doctors for medical use since 1996 though recreational use currently remains illegal.  Californian Doctors are some of the most experienced medical professionals regarding the medicinal use of cannabis, and it is used as a successful alternative to many 'traditional' prescription drugs.  So the acceptance of recreational cannabis is likely to be accepted if, and when, it reaches public vote.  The move will also spare thousands of otherwise law-abiding citizens from a criminal record which would damage future employment and educational prospects.  The Police will also be big winners from the move, they will be allowed to spend more time on real criminals.  Soon California will join Washington and Colorado as a state where it is completely legal to enjoy pot recreationally. Dutch Passion wish them good luck.

October 16th 2013

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