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USA. Cannabis legalization in several states as Trump elected President


On the same day that Donald Trump was elected President, several states also voted to legalize cannabis.  Its great news for USA cannabis lovers, and everyone else.  With so much of the USA now able to access legal cannabis there are hopes that the Federal Government will now have to consider cannabis laws which reflect the will of the people rather than the will of the diminishing prohibitionist minority.  If the USA does make an eventual move to legalize cannabis at a national level the rest of the world will surely follow.
California.  Legalises recreational cannabis.  The most important cannabis vote in recent years.  California voters approved Proposition 64 which legalises cannabis for over 21 year olds.  Californians will be allowed to possess an ounce of cannabis (28g) and 6 plants.
Nevada.  Legalizes recreational cannabis.
Massachusetts.  Legalises recreational marijuana for all over 21 year olds.
Florida.  Legalises medical use of cannabis.
North Dakota.  Legalises medical use of cannabis.
Arkansas.  Legalises medical use of cannabis but rejects recreational legality.
Arizona.  Legalisation measures were not passed, this time.
Maine.  Legalization for over 21-year olds, 2.5 ounce personal allowance and 6 plants (or 12 immature plants)
More details on the news is here.  
November 9th 2016

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