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USA. Cannabis munchies explained by scientists




One of the side effects of cannabis is often an overwhelming appetite, familiar to cannabis users as ‘The Munchies’.  Many cannabis users will comment that the feelings of hunger that can arise are unusually intense, with people eating far more than they need in order to satisfy the appetite.  For medical cannabis users this is one of the most important medical benefits, often cannabis is used to allow the patient to increase their food intake.  As many medical cannabis users know, eating well is one of the most important ways to optimise health when dealing with an illness.  The research paper was published in ‘Nature’ Magazine, linked below.  Although the content is very technically complicated, the cannabinoid compounds work with the CB1 (cannabinoid) receptor to hijack the cells which normally suppress appetite.  The study also suggests that cannabinoid chemicals influence the brain to produce chemicals to produce a feeling that the hunger is never fully satisfied.  

No doubt in years to come cannabis researchers will find exotic ways to use this hunger stimulation for a variety of benefits.  The full study is here:



and a more easily understood version of the study is here https://www.theguardian.com/science/2015/feb/18/study-on-why-cannabis-kicks-in-urge-to-eat-could-help-create-new-drugs-to-control-appetite

February 19th 2015

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