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USA. CNN openly opposes 'drug war folly'


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USA.  CNN blatantly opposed to the 'Drug war folly'

The first few decades of the global 'war on drugs' have seen the media, in general, fiercely supportive of the prohibition of cannabis.  But in the last few years more and more of the mainstream media are now arguing against prohibition. 

The recent announcement by Dr Sanjay Gupta, the CNN Chief Medical Correspondent, that he was wrong to oppose medical marijuana sent shock-waves around mainstream US news channels.  Now another article by CNN discusses the personal tragedies and the massive waste of money by the futile war on drugs.  The article is an interesting read, and points out that the devastation caused by prohibition is far greater than the damage caused by the drugs themselves.  Countries like Mexico (and other South American states) are paying an unsustainable price to maintain illegality of drugs.  And CNN point out that prohibition is hugely expensive and yet it fails to actually reduce drug usage.  Instead, prohibition simply guarantees the tax-free revenues which underpin the entire criminal underworld.  On a global scale, drug prices have never been lower and drug purity has never been higher.  It has been a gift-wrapped gold-mine for the criminal gangs who have been the greatest beneficiaries of the war on drugs.

A few years ago it would have seemed unthinkable that a major American broadcaster would be so openly in disagreement with USA drug policy.  Now it seems that public opinion has well and truly shifted, and the media and politicians are also seeing the tragic errors (and costs) of the failed war on drugs.  The full article is here and well worth reading



October 7th 2013

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