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USA. Colorado conference gathers international politicians to study USA legalization


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A major international drugs conference is under way in Denver Colorado.  Delegates from Canada, Mexico and Uruguay have gathered alongside hundreds of delegates to study the remarkable way that Colorado has legalized recreational and medical use of pot.

"We see the hypocrisy of the American policy toward Latin America," said Julio Calzada, drug czar in Uruguay.  Uruguay will be the first country in the world to license and enforce rules for the production, distribution and sale of marijuana when it rubber-stamps the new laws into effects later this year. "We have thousands of deaths, simply a product of prohibition. And here (in USA) you have a very regulated market, marijuana that is produced in a controlled fashion. That is where we are going."

"I think we need to see this as an opportunity," said Fernando Belaunzaran, a Mexico City politician who is a keen supporter of marijuana legalization. "We've had 100 years of prohibitionist policies, and no one has paid a higher price than Mexico", Belaunzaran added. Mexico has seen over 10,000 deaths each year from gangs fighting over the control of the drug market.  Many Mexicans believe it no longer makes sense to continue prohibition of cannabis and are looking to the USA example of how an efficient regulated legal cannabis market could work.

Since the legalization in Colorado the criminal gangs involved in cannabis trafficking have been completely bypassed and seen their revenues collapse. Now Cannabis is controlled and regulated in a very efficient way.  The full story is here https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/10/24/drug-policy-reform_n_4153616.html

October 24th 2013

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