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USA. DEA do not reschedule cannabis but do relax research rules



Anyone hoping to see the USA Federal re-scheduling of cannabis will be disappointed with the news that it remains a Schedule 1 drug following the latest review.  However, there have been significant changes to the research rules which will make it much easier to arrange clinical trials and medical studies on cannabis.  Previously the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) mandated that the only source of cannabis for medical trials was the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  However NIDA were notoriously slow and obstructive, supplying only poor quality cannabis.  Now that they can be side-stepped, research will be easier.  And that in turn should make it simpler for the next Federal review to enable cannabis to be re-scheduled from the current Category 1 (no medical uses) to Category 2 (medical useful)
More news on the story is here, from the Drug Policy Alliance
August 15th 2016

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