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USA. Department of Justice prevented from undermining state cannabis laws




Its been a historic few days for USA cannabis campaigners.  The new Federal Spending Bill specifically prevents the DOJ (Department of Justice) from using Federal cash to interfere, undermine or challenge cannabis laws voted by individual states.  The news is seen as both a huge victory for the rights of American cannabis users, its also a huge relief for activists who no longer need fear a federal raid.  
The victory will strengthen the ability for cannabis legalisation ballots across the remaining states where cannabis has not yet been legalized/de-criminalized.  It will allow smoother passage of bills and also significant time savings as Federal interference will be forbidden.  It has taken 20 years since the first (California) medical cannabis legalisation.  Today almost half the USA has converted to legal cannabis, and it seems likely that the remaining half of the USA will follow quickly.
December 22nd 2014

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