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USA. Drug Enforcement Agency 're-thinking' attitude to cannabis



The American Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has said it is rethinking the classification given to Cannabis.  Currently cannabis is scheduled as a Category 1 drug, meaning it has absolutely no medical applications and a high risk of harm, alongside drugs such as LSD and Heroin.  However around half the US population now has legal access to cannabis as state after state has flouted Federal rules and legalized it at state level.  The DEA has said it will review the situation in the first half of 2016.  If they do remove cannabis from the list of dangerous ‘Schedule 1’ drugs it will be an international milestone moment in the fight for cannabis normalisation.


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April 11th 2016

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On 18 -04-2016 at 18:26 u Dj wrote:
do you ship seeds to texas usa

On 20 -04-2016 at 17:09 u Eddy wrote:
Dj, no sorry.

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