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USA. Federal Government Announces Study Of Cannabis For Post Traumatic Stress Disorder




The USA continues to be a major force in the global momentum to end the prohibition of cannabis.  Recently the USA announced a major study into the use of cannabis as a treatment for soldiers suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  Israel has also researched the ‘relaxation’ qualities of cannabis and found applications for PTSD.
Cannabis campaigners in the USA are very happy with the news which was announced by the Dept of Health and follows decades of campaigning.  USA war veterans have used cannabis since the Vietnam war, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that cannabis is capable of calming the nerves and anxieties of those who have witnessed the horrors of war in service of their Government.
The University of Arizona will conduct the study and will be able to get their weed from the Federal Government who still grow their own pot at a specialist centre in Mississippi.  The Universities in Colorado, where pot is now legalised for recreational use, are also ideally placed for any research into cannabis.  Many medical research groups are busy investigating the medical uses of cannabis, the coming years are expected to see a flurry of medical announcements from the ongoing research.
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March 20th 2014

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