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USA. International cannabis laws 'now at tipping point'


USA.  Ethan Nadlemann of the Drug Policy Alliance says that society is now at a 'tipping point' for marijuana laws.  Nadlemann is a Harvard-educated lawyer and seen by many as one of the key forces in the drive to legalize the use of cannabis.  His views are widely reported in the mainstream media.  Nadlemann's latest comments came at the recent International Drug Reform Conference in Colorado.  The comments come after Washington State and Colorado have legalized recreational use of cannabis, and as Uruguay gets ready to become the first state in the world with a legally regulated cannabis system.

Recently, Gallup released a poll showing that 58 percent of Americans believe marijuana usage should be legal -the first time in U.S. history that more than half of Americans have supported legalization

Nadleman explained that cannabis usage is becoming more and more tolerated, most people can no longer see the purpose in criminalising recreational cannabis use, nor can most people understand why the cannabis market remains unregulated when millions use it safely.  The full story can be read here



November 20th 2013

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