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USA. New Hampshire becomes 19th state with legal medical pot



New Hampshire became the 19th US state to legalise the use of medical marijuana when Governor Maggie Hassan signed a law this week to fulfill a pre-election pledge.

With each year more and more states are legalising pot for medical use.  And as all cannabis activists know, legal medical pot paves the way for a more relaxed attitude to recreational pot.  If Washington DC is regarded as a state (rather than a federal district) then the USA actually has 20 legal states.  Soon it will be 50% of the USA which will be legal and many observers say that the Federal position against pot is becoming more and more untenable as state after state turns their backs on the federal position which no longer reflects the will of the american people at state level.

This is of course great news for cannabis campaigners in Europe and beyond.  USA drug policy has shaped the worldwide prohibition of weed for the last few decades.  Now, with great irony, the rest of the world will be asking why they are bothering with the war on weed when even the americans are legalising it.

Under the new law, up to four dispensaries can be licensed and have a maximum of 80 marijuana plants, 160 seedlings and 80 ounces of marijuana.  Everyone else is allowed up to two ounces of dope for their personal use.  Dutch Passion sends their congratulations to all New Hampshire residents!


The full article is here


July 25th 2013

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