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USA. Obama to allow release of drug prisoners in special cases?

USA.  Obama planning to release ‘hundreds or thousands’ of unfairly jailed drug convicts
Presidents of the USA have the power to grant ‘clemency’ to those that they consider are unfairly victimised by the USA criminal justice system.  In reality ‘clemency’ means that the President can arrange for them to be released from jail when he pleases, or 'pardoned'.  In a surprise announcement, President Obama is doing his bit for the many thousands of people that have been cruelly treated by the historically barbaric prison sentences handed out to those convicted of drug crimes in the USA.  There is a growing international political belief that for many years the laws against drugs are far more dangerous than the drugs themselves.
Many human-rights campaigners feel that President Obama has not done enough to speed up the reform of the nations drug prohibition policies.  However, he has ensured that Federal rules against cannabis are routinely flouted by individual states, as Colorado and Washington state recently legalized recreational cannabis.  And now he is encouraging nominations for clemency for those most severely affected by the injustice of drug convictions. There are thousands of Americans in jail for possession of small amounts of cannabis, hopefully some of these people will be released soon.  
April 28th 2014

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