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USA. Retail cannabis prices drop 50% in Washington state


dutch passion white widow

(above, Dutch Passion White Widow)


USA.  According to the Liquor Control Board the price of cannabis is dropping fast in the recently legalized state of Washington.  Initially the excited Washington State cannabis users were pleased to be able to buy their recreational cannabis legally.  However, excitement soon turned to disappointment when cannabis lovers saw the initial $30/gram prices which were established after legalisation.   There was a cannabis drought in Washington,  not many people had successfully obtained the necessary grow licenses and as a result supply outstripped demand with retail prices reaching $30 per gram.  However since then the Washington legal growers have stepped up supply and cannabis is now available for a more reasonable $12 per gram.  The Liquor Control Board now has responsibility for cannabis supply in the same way they regulate alcohol, and they are pleased to see ‘market forces’ have been responsible for increasing availability.
April 23rd 2015

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