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USA. Several more states join the queue for legal cannabis


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A decade or two ago the USA was the strongest supporter of the ongoing prohibition of cannabis.  Today the USA can be proud to be one of the countries moving most rapidly towards legalization.  Alabama, Kentucky and Pennsylvania are three of the latest states to announce their own plans to legalize cannabis.

Alabama is introducing a proposal to decriminalize up to an ounce (28g) of pot via its House of Representatives.  More about the proposal ('House Bill 76') can be read here https://openstates.org/al/bills/2014rs/HB76/

Kentucky is introducing a medical marujuana bill which would legalize the possession, cultivation and distribution of pot.  Public support levels of over 75% mean that the bill is regarded as almost certain to be passed.  More information is here https://www.courier-journal.com/article/20140110/NEWS0101/301100077/Medical-marijuana-legalization-push-taking-root-Kentucky?nclick_check=1

Pennsylvania are also pressing ahead with their own medical marijuana bill, the proposal is supported by democrat and republican politicians, more details are here https://www.thedailychronic.net/2014/27131/pennsylvania-medical-marijuana-bill-filed-monday/

The momentum within the USA is at an all time high, and within a couple of years over half the American states will have cannabis legalized for either (or both) recreational or medical marijuana.  As the USA conversion towards legal cannabis approaches the half-way point other countries will be seriously assessing the reasons why they are maintaining prohibition themselves.  2014 will be a massively importamt year for cannabis lovers across the globe.




January 15th 2014

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