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USA. Time to start erasing criminal records for cannabis


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As the USA starts to legalize cannabis a number of US citizens are asking for criminal records for pot possession to be erased.  It's the start of a fascinating battle to deal with the aftermath of the failed prohibition of cannabis.  In states like Colorado and Washington, where cannabis is completely legal, people are asking whether it is logical for historical criminal records for cannabis possession to be wiped clean.  Nowadays in these states you would NOT get a criminal record for cannabis possession, so it makes sense to wipe clean all such criminal convictions.  

Criminal records for drug possession do affect peoples ability to get a job, housing and education.  Some employers will regard an arrest for cannabis as the same as a conviction for cannabis, even if the arrest did not lead to a conviction.

So the USA legal community will start to debate the issue of wiping clean historical records for cannabis arrests/posession.  Its a small issue at the moment, but it is an issue which will be repeated as state after state legalizes cannabis.  And it is a reminder of the horrible legacy of cannabis prohibition and the lasting harm it has done over the last few decades.  The full story is on the link below




February 6th 2014

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