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White Widow – 180gram harvest from one plant by Mr Rhino.


White Widowis consistently one of the best selling and most praised Dutch Passion varieties.  It is a variety with a reputation for producing exceptionally strong marijuana, and it does so in generous quantities.  In this weeks blog we detail a special grow which gave a very tasty 180 gram harvest (6.5 ounces) for a Dutch Passion customer called Mr Rhino who grew a single White Widow under a 600W HPS light and got a spectacular result.

For anyone who is unsure which variety to try growing next, White Widow is a safe choice.  The ‘White Widow’ name comes from the ‘white’ crystalline appearance of mature females due to the heavy levels of resin production which covers both the buds and fan leaves.  White Widow was created many years ago by a Dutch grower named Ingemar.  Dutch Passion brought original seeds of this carefully selected variety to the market many years ago and it has won countless awards over the years.

The Dutch Passion team were really impressed with this White Widow grow from ‘Mr Rhino’ and we thought our readers would be interested to see just how well White Widow can perform.  The original grow diary is here on the popular UK420 forum
It began when Mr Rhino germinated 5 feminized Dutch Passion White Widow seeds.  He grew them all and selected the best single specimen to take through to maturity.  This plant was grown vegetatively for 8 weeks under conditions of around 18-24 hours of daily light.  During this period the plant grows roots, branches and leaves but no bud.  Plants given a long time in ‘veg’ often have the foundation to become very productive when they are flowered.  She was grown in a 15 litre container with Plagron Batmix soil.  This is a quality soil enriched with bat guano.  Today many growers buy ready-mixed compost from specialist manufacturers and get great results whether they are new growers or veteran growers.

Daily light was reduced to 12 hours after 8 weeks –and  flowering began.  The White Widow had been skilfully trained underneath a netting.    This technique involves keeping the growing tips of the white widow underneath the netting.  Only the flowering heads are allowed to grow vertically.  Although the photo’s look like there are several plants growing in fact it is only a single White Widow with around 20 well sized cola’s.   The benefit of this method is the efficiency; the 600W HPS is able to get strong intense light on all the blooms.  The result is very heavy harvests. 
The White Widow was fed with 2ml/litre Plant Magic Oldtimer bloom nutrient in the early part of flowering.  By day 27 she was feeding on 3.5ml/litre.  By Day 40 she was on 4ml/litre.  Eventually she reached 5ml/litre of feed.  Like all good growers Mr Rhino was able to steadily increase the nutrient concentrations without over-feeding and ‘burning’ the leaves and roots.  The result was the spectacular growth seen here.  Mr Rhino commented that White Widow gave “very vigorous growth both in veg and flower.  White Widow was good to ‘top’ (end up with lots of colas!).  A very forgiving plant, you can throw what food you like at her and she will be happy.”

You can see numerous well sized blooms, it is rare to see a grow performed as expertly as this.  Mr Rhino had removed the growing tip of the plant (‘topping’) to encourage the plant to produce all the blooms you see here. White Widow is a resin-rich variety so the buds are heavy and grind up really easily with all the oil within. On the photo’s you can see the resin is oozing from the leaves as well.  The final yield was 180 grams.  Mr Rhino was wise enough to keep a cutting from this great White Widow; he can grow it in the future knowing that he has massive growth potential. 

In warmer climates such as Spain, White Widow can be grown successfully outdoors and when rooted into quality soil will turn into a well sized bush that can yield heavily.  Mr Rhino harvested his White Widow after 9 weeks of flowering.  As you can see from the bud photo’s he got some top quality pot for his efforts.  Each of the blooms was soaked with resin and the photo’s show just how well formed and dense the buds were.

All in all this was a great result from Mr Rhino and his reward is a 180g supply of top quality weed.  Dutch Passion congratulate Mr Rhino on a superb grow!  We give the final words to Mr Rhino himself who made the following conclusion “White Widow smells nice of lemon/pine, not too overpowering so may appeal to those that need a low odour strain.  My best point with this plant was the strength, potent! Buzz starts around the eyes and slowly works its way down the body, not very couchlocky either.  All in all a good strain and I'm happy!!” 

Dutch Joe

May 4th 2012
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Recent comments (43)

On 24 -06-2012 at 15:40 u John parkes wrote:
wot was the ph of ure nutrient solution that you was feeding your plants with as im am gonna begrowing this in soil and would like to no wot ph u was using as there are many different people telling me to use different ph levels thanks

On 15 -07-2012 at 17:27 u Famileguy wrote:
1 plant per light is a great way to grow i have done many grows under a 600 always netting and removing all lower small bud growth under the canopy right up until week 3 of flowering. i feel this is the best way to grow.minimum plants maximum harvest .i always reap around 18 to 23 oz dry weight 23 being the highest. the more plants you pack in the less you will recive per plant.my nost recent grow was 4 under 2x600watt hps yeildind 51oz at dry weight. i tip i would give is when growing scrog style like this fresh air good air circulation temps and hymidity are key i found that when i started goimg for bumpa max harvests you can attract mould .i always inspect daily and make sure the hymidity is just right. anyhow try it people and with some practice youll be amazed at what one of these fine plants can yeild.

On 19 -07-2012 at 05:39 u Leecoste wrote:
The ph I recommend on this plant is 5.5 I use canna nutes at full strength I use 25 ml per ten litres of water coco a-b 25 ml cannazyme per ten litres of water 40 ml canna boost per ten litres of water I use a 200 litre water but with a multi flow system veg untill around 20-25 inches tall then switch to flower I top them them at the 1st week if flower if temps are no higher than 29 humidity kept around 50% I usually get around 4.5 oz per plant thats 20 plants in a 2.5 square metre tent with 4 600w hps plants will end up around 5.5 -6ft tall and will need bending! Hope this helps

On 11 -10-2012 at 10:14 u Dan wrote:
How often did you feed them the nutrients?

On 12 -10-2012 at 04:33 u Leecoste wrote:
When first planted in to the multiflow system with coco while they were vegging every 4-5 days then every 3-4 days as they get bigger and drink more at week 5 of flower I then begin to feed every other day. Untill week 7 then I feed the nothing but ph,d water for 3 weex, I have 24 on the go now at week 3 of flower they are about 4-5 foot already in a 2 metre high tent already starting to bend the arms at the tops as they are growing past the lights, will up date the yield in 7 weeks when all is done,

On 12 -10-2012 at 13:47 u Crazy ace wrote:
Dont have one

On 13 -10-2012 at 23:21 u Leecoste wrote:
Are well never mind then, :)

On 28 -11-2012 at 02:56 u Obsessive wrote:
mm. Got one on the go at present, She is at day 35 under 12/12 600HPS. I have her alongside a super skunk and purple haze. Its my first time with the WW. I didnt top her this time just wanted to trial her on her own terms. I have kept her low and bushy thanks to the CFL for vegging. She is looking good. I estimate about 140 gram minimum. I think i need a bigger tent lol

On 15 -07-2013 at 08:24 u Ch33b wrote:
i have mine under 400watt hps shes getting big its been flowering almost 5 weeks im planning to go atleast 10 weeks

On 04 -11-2013 at 10:02 u Kirsty wrote:
I have 3 ww's at wk 4 of 12/12. They are approx 4.5- 5ft but I ain't see any buds??? Getting worried as they are healthy and growing with big huge leaves but no sign of any white/brown yet?? Can anyone help and will they eventually bud?? Plz help!!

On 14 -11-2013 at 10:07 u Dids76 wrote:
Very good possibility of having 3 male plants ??..

On 17 -12-2013 at 02:26 u Leecoste wrote:
Defo males, at week 4 of flower the buds should be the size of marbles ,, been growing this strain for a few years now after taking cuttings off cuttings about 13 times and still going strong with no signs of weak plants after so long,, very strong consistent plant even when grown in tent over the summer with temps reaching 47 still produced around 3.5 oz per plant if grown in coco they thrive in a ph of 5.5 early on then raising to to 5.8 at last 3 weeks

On 05 -04-2014 at 08:44 u Bcbenn wrote:
i was told to ph at 6.5 - 6.8 in veg for the nitrogen uptake , then lower ph in flower. should i go down to 5.5?

On 16 -04-2014 at 19:39 u Frenchdave wrote:
hi..! The PH is not the same for the coco ( = +/- 5,7) & the soil ( +/- =6,4) .. You must have a ph meter , that' s best way to do coco , and for the soil you can use PH 's paper for testing your water .. that' s minimum if you want make the good job..

On 02 -05-2014 at 01:07 u Mark wrote:
Hi I have just planted a white widow seed under lights. How much should I water her a day The seed is feminized. Thanking you for your time.

On 02 -05-2014 at 09:19 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Mark, watering frequency is almost impossible to advise on. It depends on the size of the plant, the size of the container, the size of light, ambient temperatures etc. What we can say is that over-watering and over-feeding are two of the most common errors by new growers. One good tip is to get a feel for how much the plant pot weighs, and water her only when you think she needs it. Thats better than over-watering

On 19 -05-2014 at 23:07 u Nakednthewoods wrote:
I've read placing the ww plants in total dark for the last 2 weeks of flower will substantially increase tricome production. Anyone else read, heard, or tried this?

On 26 -06-2014 at 21:11 u Leecoste wrote:
I always leave my plants in total darkness for 24-48 hours before harvest I find it gives them time to wind down and they get realy sticky, the best way to check the ph in ur soil is to get a digital ph pen and and cf stick and a small 50ml medicine cup once fed with what ever yiur watering with lift the pot up and let all the water drain out of the bottom of the pot and it's the last few drips you want to be collecting to get a accurate reading off what's going on in ur soil this is the best time to check the cf as well if it's high on the stick ie above 24 and over let the pot dry and feed it pure phd water and have a nice bit of runoff check cf and will bring it down to a comfortable level to were the plant will absorb all nutrients, if growing in the summer I'd recommend this every other feed if watering by hand reason being is in extreme heat ie over 35 which is inevitable in a tent in summer the plant drinks the water quicker and leaves all the nutrients still in the coco so to avoid a lock out always use water every other feed, coco ph,,, plants thrive 5.5 early on veg up to 5.9 in flower any thing over and plants start to look ruff, soil is any thing from ph 6 up to 7, yiur plants will tell you if the ph is right if it's spot on they will be reaching for the Lazers like there on md,, if ph is off the will look like there a massive come down ie leaves drooping yellowing not growing, get your ph right and you have cracked it, %99 of all probs are ph related people just don't realise this so coco 5.5-early 5.9 late flower

On 08 -08-2014 at 23:55 u Weeman wrote:
1st ever grow got 9wwxbb seeds all seeds come apart from 1 after 4 days i dug the seed out it looked dead so i split it in 2 and said never mind 2 days later it started sprouting haha so ive re potted them in buckets and they are on 18 on 6 off at min its been 4 weeks on sunday they are about 12inchs high and quite bushy i was wondering how long do i continue like this until i go 12 12 and for how many weeks

On 14 -08-2014 at 03:04 u Leecoste wrote:
I always switch my plants at 24 inches depending on strain they will double in size always give them Enuff time to grow at least 12 good arms before the switch and take cuttings of at the lowest part of the plant say 2-3 cuttings off each plant then switch to 12-12 good luck

On 17 -10-2014 at 14:21 u Mai wrote:
Hi, my ww's are nearly ready for harvest, but the last few weeks the plants in the middle of tent have browned and the plants to the edge are lush green! What's happening. Lights too close, or too much fan on top of plants? Help!!

On 22 -10-2014 at 03:31 u Leecoste wrote:
hi not sure about that 1,, is it the leaves or the bugs are going brown? Could be bud rot as they are in the middle and there is not much air flow going through the whole crop,, or could be a nute build up and your getting a lock out,, have you checked your run off to see what's happening in your medium ie oh being off or cf going off the scale?

On 04 -02-2015 at 16:12 u Andy wrote:
hey guys, can anyone out there confirm the correct ph level from beginning of flower to end in a coco/perlite mix ? Any replys will be much appreciated

On 12 -08-2015 at 04:48 u Yankeetransplant wrote:
WW is a plant to keep handy....I bought seeds a cpl times before I found ones that were worth growing...chose your supplier carefully!!! I ended up with 5 WW extreme seeds and they WERE of great genetic makeup....grew them out hydroponically only big enuf to make 5 plants 32" tall on average...which were approx 1ft tall ea before inducing flower....my best yeilding plant was right at 5oz with a total of 21 oz average from the 5....I can easily see Rhino's great results with the longer veg period on a single plant well trained.....at one time WW was considered more of a 'boutique' plant.....not any more...these plants yeild unbelievable.....sticky, tight, easy to grow and a genuine mind blower.....my seeds were stable enuf where 3 were nearly clonelike of each other...this plant react VERY NICELY to the addition of UV suppliment lighting....concentration is needed to achieve any thing important while smoking this....I can and will get you high as giraffe nuts and humbles the most experienced smoker......a must have plant (from the right supplier), lots of floor sweepings being sold under this name...regards, YT

On 04 -02-2016 at 17:31 u Monkey wrote:
hi im in the fourt week of flowering and the leaves are bending down could you pls tell me why is this happening??thanks

On 05 -02-2016 at 09:02 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Monkey, 4/2/16, leaves curling downwards could be a sign that the plant is being over-fed. Take a look on the internet there will be plenty of websites showing various problems and how they affect the leaves

On 11 -04-2016 at 20:03 u W W 1st grow wrote:
I have 3 W W plants which are now into there 5th wk of flowering 2 of them have weed growing but it feels all dusty at the touch! By this i mean when you touch them they seem to dust, HELP! Also my other plant which again is W W seems to be doing gd lots of lil hairs on ho long should i leave before chopping for drying? They are under a 600 hps light. All help greatly received.

On 13 -04-2016 at 08:41 u Eddy wrote:
WW 1st grow, 11th April 2016 You need pictures to understand whats happening - the internet is your friend here :-) Usually this variety takes around 9 weeks of bloom before harvest

On 27 -04-2016 at 01:09 u Ruby wrote:
Hello. I have WW seeds. I want to grow outdoors. Pots or in ground? When is a good time to plant (or germinate)? After starting to flower, how long till harvest? Yes, I\'m a 65 yr. Old newbie. Help please

On 27 -04-2016 at 16:00 u Eddy wrote:
Ruby, 27th April. You will need a decent climate (central/southern Europe) to grow White Widow outside. You can plant seeds after the last frost, she should be ready to harvest in October. If your climate is more Northern European then consider an outdoor variety such as Frisian Dew, Frisian Duck or Durban Poison. Germinate indoors, and good luck!

On 24 -09-2016 at 04:21 u LateBloomer56 wrote:
First ww grow and running out of room in my 3 x 3 tent. 2 girls are just over 9 weeks and about 2 weeks into flower, 12/12 light cycles. 35" and 34" and my tent is only 72" tall and I need some space for filter and light. What to do?

On 26 -09-2016 at 10:43 u Eddy wrote:
late bloomer56, 24th Sept 16. If the plants are getting too tall you have only one choice, find a way to tie down the growing tips. Google 'low stress training' ;-)

On 26 -09-2016 at 14:40 u Unique wrote:
You can also take your filter out and run on outside of your tent, that is what I do when I run into low headroom.

On 27 -02-2017 at 01:03 u Lannie wrote:

On 27 -02-2017 at 12:02 u Eddy wrote:
Lannie, 27 feb 2017. Its difficult to say if she will recover, but if she is green there is still a chance.

On 26 -06-2017 at 00:40 u Carbon filter will,not work outside tent it sucks air through the filter and gets sucked out you can't do,it outside wrote:
You can't put the carbon filter out side it sucks through the white stuff and sucks it out how can you have it outside impossi le

On 17 -08-2017 at 18:57 u Nkaaap wrote:
Is 180g dry or fresh weight?

On 21 -08-2017 at 09:35 u Eddy wrote:
Nikaap. 17th August 2018. it was a 180g dry weight harvest :-)

On 08 -09-2017 at 21:30 u Jay wrote:
Is it best to ph water and let it sit for a day then add nutes or add nutes them ph. I've been trying to look up information but have yet to see anything. I am planning to start a new grow soon just want to be on top of things. Also is it better to switch to LED lights my hps lights cause a lot of heat and that's why I think I get airy buds

On 12 -09-2017 at 08:55 u Eddy wrote:
Jay, 8th Sept 2017. Most people add their nutrients to the water and check pH of the FINAL nutrient solution. LED is a popular new light choice, they are more expensive than HPS but technically they do a great job with reduced heat and better spectrum.

On 27 -11-2017 at 03:58 u Terrence Wright wrote:
Had some seed's given to me and as great luck would have it all 4 that survived were female having a problem telling what they are though beautiful though! Hoping that you could help!

On 09 -07-2018 at 11:52 u Marks widow wrote:
7-9-2018 growing ww from seed 9 weeks of veg under 1000 watt metal halide and now into week 6 of flower with the same lamp shes putting on some nice fat dense nugs pistels are still very white this plant is beautiful i am still feeding her with flora nova kool bloom and superthrive should i start flushing may be after pistels turn about 60 percent or watch the trichomeswish i had a picture for you but i live for this girl from day to daytopped her at 6 weeks of veg and fimmed her at 7 weeks shes just beautiful please maybe tell me when to start flushing her i wanna smoke her up!!!

On 09 -07-2018 at 17:10 u Eddy wrote:
Marks Widow, 9th July 2018. Sounds like a good grow, and you are guaranteed some top drawer smoke with this variety. I would be tempted to start flushing after 8 or 9 weeks of bloom, depending on how you like the high. And give her a week of flushing. It's a magnificent smoke after an extra week of bloom, heavy and satisfying.

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