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World Health Organisation: It's high time for global reform on drug prohibition


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International calls to end the failed war on drugs get louder and louder with claims that United Nations anti-drug laws are more damaging than drugs themselves. Recently the World Health Organisation criticised the United Nations stubborn, and highly damaging, allegiance to drug prohibition.  One particular concern of the WHO is the massive increase in AIDS which would have been avoided if clean needle programs had been used by Governments instead of prohibition

The prohibition of cannabis, and other substances, has poured $Billions into the pockets of organised crime who are reckoned to be the only winners of the war on drugs.  Cannabis prohibition has been the most senseless of any prohibition policy.  Cannabis is far less damaging than alcohol/tobacco and has numerous medical properties yet remains illegal in most countries. 
Over the last couple of years, the people with most belief in cannabis prohibition were the United Nations.  Now the WHO, the part of the UN responsible for health, are publicly questioning the judgement of their parent organisation.  The sooner the United Nations drug-prohibition policies are scrapped the better for us all, even the UN think so.
the full report from the WHO is here https://www.who.int/hiv/pub/guidelines/keypopulations/en/
July 24th 2014

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