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Medeweed and Expoweed. Dutch Passion in South America

Medeweed and Expoweed. Dutch Passion cannabis seeds in South America

Medeweed is an annual cannabis Expo held in Medellin, Colombia with over 150 exhibitors and 42 different speakers. Medeweed attracts thousands of visitors from all across South America including a large number involved in the expanding medical cannabis industry. Colombia has decriminalised personal cultivation and use of cannabis and has become one of South America’s most progressive countries for cannabis.

Expoweed is Chile’s international cannabis show. It’s a 3-day event with over 20,000 visitors and over 150 exhibitors. Expoweed began 7 years ago and has grown steadily each year. Cannabis is big business in Chile, which has the highest per-capita cannabis consumption rates in Latin America. In 2015 a bill to decriminalise cannabis successfully passed the lower house of the Chile Congress.

Medeweed. Colombia loves cannabis seeds

Colombia has really embraced the cannabis industry. Amid an international outcry in 1994, the Colombian High Court legalized the personal use of cannabis and cocaine. Since then cannabis has been hugely popular with recreational and medical users. Dutch Passion has partnered with MYM Nutraceuticals who will grow Dutch Passion cannabis seeds legally in Medellin Colombia. Plenty of other large cannabis companies are interested in working in Colombia. At Medeweed many of these plans and meetings are fine-tuned. But Medeweed isn’t just about big business. Most of the visitors are marijuana home growers who come along with friends to buy cannabis seeds, see the various suppliers and view the latest developments.

How is the cultivation of cannabis in Colombia?

The South American climate is great for cannabis cultivation. At Medeweed many people come along to buy outdoor cannabis seeds. Growing a plant or two outdoors in a quiet corner of your patio, back yard or roof terrace is not uncommon in Colombia. Dutch Passion finds that feminized autoflower seeds are just as popular as photoperiod feminized cannabis seeds at Medeweed. Autoflower seeds have the benefit of growing from seed to harvest in around 100 days outdoors. This means multiple crops per year are possible in the equatorial climate of Colombia. Of course, many also buy photoperiod feminized seeds. And despite the great climate for cultivation, many Colombians grow cannabis indoors using autoflower seeds and feminized seeds.

Expoweed. Cannabis seeds and more at Chile’s top cannabis expo.

Expoweed has grown into a huge cannabis show over recent years. Lots of recreational cannabis users appreciate the relaxed legal position. Medical cannabis use in Chile hit the headlines when the Government approved a large grow of 850 cannabis plants in 2014 in order to produce cannabis oil for cancer patients. At Expoweed there is a strong focus on medical cannabis. Dutch Passion finds that CBD rich cannabis seeds are always popular with medical cannabis growers at Expoweed. But Expoweed isn’t just about cannabis seeds. You will see all the main nutrient suppliers, as well as grow lights and the full range of growing equipment.

Chile. Indoor or outdoor growing?

In Chile, and across South America in general, outdoor cannabis growing is easy and convenient. Chile growers are split between indoor and outdoor cannabis growing. Southern Chile has a cooler climate than northern Chile, and tends to result in more indoor growers. These growers buy autoflowering cannabis seeds as well as photoperiod feminized seeds. In Northern Chile, where the climate is warmer, cultivation of outdoor cannabis seeds becomes increasingly easier.


South America to rival North America for cannabis production?

As cannabis laws relax across South America there are some great opportunities for legal cannabis businesses looking to invest and expand. Uruguay was the first country to legalize cannabis, and now all the main South American economies are considering cannabis legalisation or decriminalization. This includes Mexico which legalised cannabis for non-commercial recreational use on October 31st, 2018. Investments are already flooding into South America’s cannabis industry. In North America, Canada has fully legalized cannabis. However, the potentially larger USA cannabis market is still illegal under federal law even in those states that legalized it. So growth in the USA cannabis market is going well, but it needs to loosen the shackles of federal restriction to reach full potential. In the meantime, South America is getting serious about cannabis production and exports.

Cannabis in forest

Expoweed and Medeweed. Cannabis seeds for all.

There have been massive changes in the last decade regarding South American attitudes and laws towards cannabis. Cannabis expos like Expoweed and Medeweed began as relatively small shows in countries with a huge enthusiasm for cannabis cultivation. That passion has allowed Expoweed and Medeweed to grow quickly into large shows which have quickly attracted a large international following and an impressive list of exhibitors and guest speakers. Dutch Passion is pleased to attend them and will continue to offer our cannabis seeds to the visitors. With so many good legal and political developments taking place in South America, the future of events like Expoweed and Medeweed is assured.

Cannabis buds

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