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Genetic background and history


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In former times, Dutch Passion's Brainstorm variety was composed of Skunk, Oasis and Haze. In 1998, Henk van Dalen decided that it was time to rebuild his Brainstorm and really take it to the stars: The new parents Northern Lights #5 and Haze put Brainstorm to another level. Besides Skunk #1, these two are the main cornerstones of the traditional Amsterdam gene pool - which, for its part, was imported from the USA during the 80ies. Northern Lights #5 (mostly indica) was created from cannabis afghanica and cannabis sativa in the late 70's near Seattle/Washington (USA) and became one of the thriving powers of the Dutch coffeeshop marijuana business in the second half of the 80's. This dark green strain was bred for very compact growth, fast flowering, large harvests and high potency. The only thing one could complain about is the fact that Northern Lights has no charismatic aroma and taste - in contrast to the famous Haze strain that originally emerged from the legendary breeding school of "Cultivator's Choice" (one of the breeders: Sam the Skunkman) in the early 70's. The original Haze is a complex polyhybrid of mostly Mexican and Colombian sativa, as well as South Indian and Thai sativa. By selective inbreeding, Cultivator's Choice managed to merge these exotic sativa genetics into one superb stable and true-breeding variety. Its leafs are very thin and sharply serrated, the buds are rather sparse but nevertheless pack an unique punch of extreme, sometimes even psychedelic sativa potency. In addition, its aroma and taste are of superior quality, sweet and bitter, with certain sandalwood undertones. Nothing else smells and tastes like Haze. Some call it the Dom Perignon of cannabis. However, this champagne quality comes at a fairly high price: original Haze plants can take up to awesome 20 weeks to fully ripen, 14-18 are common. So Brainstorm is expected to considerably shorten down this long flowering period and to increase the Haze's low yield by making use of Northern Lights #5 genes, but on the other hand, also to preserve those unique Haze aroma and high properties. Let's see whether this mission proved successful with Brainstorm.

Cultivation test

Three feminized Brainstorm seeds were used for the test, all of them sprouting within four days. After germination they received 18 hours of daily light, generated by four 36 W fluorescents (2 x blue spectrum, 2x red spectrum, hanging as close as 2 cm to the plant tips), what led to lush growth with dark green, medium broad leafs and moderate side-branching. The plants showed great uniformity, measuring 31 to 37 cm three weeks after germination, when the fluorescents were replaced by a 400 W Philips SON-T AGRO lamp. Seven days later, the daily light cycle was shortened to 12 hours in order to induce flowering. The Brainstorm responded very quickly to this treatment, showing their female gender already after 6-8 days. Also in the course of flowering, solely female flowers were developed by the plants, no "hermies" came about. Flower formation was dense and with lots of hairs, exhibiting not abundant, but quite a lot of resin glands. After 60, 63 and 67 days, the plants had reached maturity - only one plant slightly exceeded the 7-9 weeks of flowering (catalogue info). They all remained below one meter (64, 72 and 76 cm) and delivered harvest amounts of 26 to 32 grams. Still good for plants from seed, and even better considering the actual quality of the buds: There it was, the unmistakable special Haze aroma and taste, delicious and very intensive. And also the smoke kept the promise of a real Haze turn: A crystal clear, uplifting cerebral high that encourages activities and creative thinking.

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