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dutch haze web 3_300x448.jpgIn the world of cannabis, Haze genetics stand for highest quality in terms of both aroma and high. But growing pure Haze plants products can be pain in the ass, as they use to grow extremely tall and require flowering times of up to more than 20 weeks. In order to attenuate these drawbacks, a breeder has to breed in a small share of indica genetics, but also make sure those outstanding Haze qualities get as little impaired as possible.


New Dutch Haze strain, a 100% haze variety.

With its new Haze variety “Dutch Haze” (90% sativa, 10% indica), Dutch Passion claims to have achieved these goals, reporting “Dutch Passion customers have always craved a 100% Haze strain together with reduced flowering times and respectable yields. Over many years we have bred literally hundreds of Haze plants from both USA and Dutch genetics looking for this unique Haze. Then, in 2009, we had a major breakthrough! The result is Dutch Haze, the flowering time is an incredible 9-11 weeks for a classy ‘up-high’ and true Haze experience.”



Dutch Haze – prepare to be amazed.

Dutch Haze plants grow tall, 80-120 cm. It can be grown products and in greenhouses. Growers can expect generous yields and “it grows with a rich abundance of sparkling THC covered flowers that have the true Haze aroma.” Also, the strain has good mould and spider mite resistance. According to Dutch Passion, the 10% indica parentage does only affect the flowering and yield characteristics.  But they promise “The smoke, as you will find out, is 100% pure Haze. Dutch Haze – prepare to be amazed.”

Growing and testing the new Dutch Haze strain.

dutch haze web 2_300x448.jpg

The Doc is a true lover of Haze genetics, and was naturally highly interested in testing the new Dutch Haze strain which is available only in its feminised form. He sowed four seeds and they all germinated very quickly, within two days. In the first week, the seedlings were cultivated under two 125 W CFL lights (6400 K). One week after germination, they were transplanted to 11 litre pots filled with Plagron Standard Mix soil. Together with four other plants, they were placed under two 600 W Planta Star HPS lights. Growth rapidly proceeded with strong side branch development, but in the first weeks the Dutch Haze plants stayed compact and produced quite broad leaves (so at least at the beginning, some indica traits came through temporarily), also being very homogeneous. Two and half weeks after germination, at a height of 35-40 cm and 6-8 internodes, The Doc induced flowering by reducing the light period from 18/6 to 12/12. After one week in the flowering stage, all the four plants had revealed their female gender by producing female preflowers near the tops. The plants measured 55-65 cm now in height, and a considerable stretching effect was noticeable. Ten days later, they had arrived at a height of 85-105 cm. Their leaves were becoming more and more thinner, meanwhile looking like true sativa leaves. Plants were laden with plenty of flowering long side branches that produced the first small bud “roses”. 


Really impressive bud formation.

dutch haze web 5_300x448.jpg

After three and a half weeks in the flowering stage, bud formation was heavily enforced by the plants, the flower clusters were quickly becoming thicker and denser. Also, resin production had gotten into full gear and was about to become really impressive. One of the plants had meanwhile become significantly taller than the other three, measuring 145 cm in height, while the other three were 100-120 cm tall. This tallest plant looked like a sheer haze plant (except for those older broad shade leaves) with extended internodes and filigree bud formation. But the heavy stretching effect seemed to near its end now on all of the plants. After about 30 days of flowering, that was the case, and from then on, the plants further increased in height only through expanded bud formation. The tallest plant was 160 cm tall now. A bitter sweet aroma began to spread out in the grow room and the resin glands were developing tremendously.

Mixing up pH values and fixing the problem.

After 42 days of flowering, alarm bells rang as The Doc realised he had made a big mistake when adjusting the pH value in the past two weeks which let him water the plants with a pH value of 2 points lower than intended! That lead to a limited nutrient uptake and many of the shade leaves in the lower and medium zone of the plants rapidly turned yellow and were dropped by the plants then. Well, cultivation mistakes sometimes even happen to the most experienced grower. Of course the Doc was worried whether flower production would suffer from the pH problem, but after having flushed the soil and given the plants plenty of calcium, they soon recovered and bud formation seemed to continue unimpaired which made The Doc feel extremely relieved.


dutch haze web 4_300x389_1.jpgParticularly resinous, heavily frosted with abundant resin glands.

In the last flowering weeks, the buds became big and rock hard on three of the plants, exhibiting a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and tons of resin. One of the plants was particularly resinous, heavily frosted with abundant resin glands even on the stalks of the flower leaves and upper shade leaves. But the other two ones also were amazingly resinous for an almost pure Haze strain. These three plants gave off a strong Haze aroma that also had a sweet and fruity undertone, while a fully authentic true Haze aroma was delivered by the fourth Dutch Haze plant, the tallest one that also totally looked like a typical Haze plant. It had produced plenty of long filigree top colas with a very high calyx-to-leaf ratio in the end. 

Harvest time and yield results.

None of the plants did produce any male flowers, so this grow once again gave proof of Dutch Passion’s high reliability in terms of feminised seeds. After 62 days already, The Doc harvested two of the plants, and one week later the remaining two - the extremely resinous and the most Haze typical plant - followed. After the buds had been slowly dried, the outcome was an excellent total yield of 350 grams, with the three more compact plants each having delivered about one third more than the haziest plant. The Doc was very satisfied with this result, but supposed it would have been even more if that pH mistake wouldn’t have happened, as he knows the plants partly use nutrients, starch and sugar stored in the older shade leaves and losing too much of these is a drawback. However, the fact that the four Dutch Haze plants excellently coped with that problem was a very positive finding here.dutch haze web.jpg


Some real high-grade new Haze power.

Smoking the Dutch Haze buds proved to be a sheer pleasure to The Doc. He reported “This is some real high-grade new Haze power from Dutch Passion with awesome sativa potency, extremely cerebral and long-lasting. The buds of the three more compact Dutch Haze plants also revealed a slight indica influence in the high after a while. Thick rock hard buds richly frosted in resin, with a delicious haze aroma and also a slightly fruity undertone produced by some of the plants. To me, it’s a strain to fall in love with, undoubtfully a fantastic new release from Dutch Passions that other Haze hybrids will have to compete with.”

Green Born Identity - G.B.I




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Cultivation data: Dutch Haze


Genetics Dutch Haze (90% Sativa, 10% Indica)
Vegetative growth here: 18 days (after germination)
Flowering here: 62-69 days, in general 9-11 weeks
Medium Plagron Standard Mix, 11 litre pots
pH 6.0–6.8 (but much lower temporarily due to a mistake)
EC Vegetative stage: 1.4–1.6 mS
  Flowering: 1.8 mS
Light 1st week of vegetative growth: 2x 125 Watt CFL (6400K)
  Rest of vegetative growth: 2x Planta Star 600 W
  Flowering: 2x Osram Son T Plus 600 W
Temperature 25-27°C (day)
  18-20°C (night)
Air humidity Vegetative stage: 40–60%
  Flowering: max. 50%
Watering by hand
Fertilisation HeSi Blühkomplex, HeSi Phosphor Plus from the 4th week of flowering
Additives/stimulants Nitrozyme, HeSi Boost and Wurzelkomplex, Enzyme
Height 125, 138, 145 and 170 cm
Yield 350 grams (total yield)
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Dutch Passion advise their customers to reassure themselves of local applicable laws and regulations before germination. Dutch Passion cannot be held responsible for the actions of those who act against laws and regulations that apply in their locality. Cannabis seeds should be kept as collectible souvenirs by anyone in an area where cultivation of cannabis is not legal.