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Cultivation test

1.jpgTwo Passion #1 plants, grown from feminized seed, were part of a German greenhouse project in 1999. The foliage greenhouse measured 20 m2 (4 meters high) and was located in North Germany, for sure not known as a "sun paradise". The seeds were started by the beginning of May, both germinating very well. After two weeks, the young plants were transplanted from 1 litre to large 15 litre containers with a rich soil mixture, and later on directly into the ground. When the plants revealed their gender by the end of July, the grower could verify them as female. What stroke the eye was the fact that Passion #1 has light green leaves, not corresponding to the look of a typically dark green Afghani indica. The end height of the two plants was 2,3 and 2,6 m, very tall for a variety with Afghan genetics. There was massive flower formation with a good calyx-to-leaf ratio and a lot of resin glands. In contrast to some other varieties in the greenhouse, the Passion #1 buds were not susceptible to mold. When the harvest (350 and almost 400 grams) had been dried, I had the chance to test-smoke Passion #1. And, indeed, these fine nuggets had an extremely heavy punch, making for a long lasting, meditative indica stone. We didn't know wether it really was 18,6% THC or not, but we did know one thing for sure: This was the strongest product quality we had experienced from German product ground so far. And with its distinctive citrus aroma also one of the tastiest.

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