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Genetic background and history

11.jpgPower Plant really blew a fresh breeze into the landscape of product marijuana genetics when it was released to the market in 1997. Being developed by Dutch Passion from South African genetics, this strain has never been hybridised, but solely selectively inbred. Nevertheless it's not a 100% pure Sativa, also containing approx. 12,5% indica genes that make for extra fat buds. Right after Power Plant had been available in the Netherlands for the first time, it experienced a very fast coffeeshop career, this new weed strain was a big seller in the shops from the very beginning. Its very promising and catchy name helped for that, together with the explosive sativa turn and delicious taste this strain delivers. Apart from that, Power Plant is very easily cloneable and therefore also became popular as cutting. Naturally some clone suppliers and coffeeshops play fast and loose with the name Power Plant, passing something else off as Power Plant, although it has nothing to do with the original strain. They just want to benefit from the well-selling trademark in order to make quick money. So make sure to enter a well-known serious quality coffeeshop if you are out for original Power Plant buds.

Cultivation test

Two years ago, a guy called Cloudz received a Power Plant cutting grown from original Dutch Passion seed by one of his friends. He let this lady grow into a big mother plant and from there on started a lot of Power Plant cultivation cycles. He was so enthusiastic about the results of this strain and filling so many gardens with it, that I gave him the nickname "Mr. Power Planter". He did his first Power Plant crop on a drip feeder rockwool system with Libra containers. Growth was very compact for a mostly sativa strain, no stretch effect and very moderate side-branching. Leafs were dark green, narrow and sharply serrated. The plants matured after 58 days of flowering, bearing super rich fruits: Everywhere incredibly tight and dense rounded buds that were very resinous and nearly leafless - Mr. Power Planter could almost throw away those scissors. The plants gave an average yield of 42 grams at a height of 70 to 80 cm, given 5 days in the vegetative stage. The aroma of the fresh buds was sweet and spicy and revealed a delicate olibanum hint of taste when it came to smoking. This stuff definitely puts you on your feet again if you feel weary, delivering a concentrated load of energising sativa power that quickly rushes into your brain. Not recommended for smoking in the evening before you want to go to bed - you just won't fall asleep. Better use it for supporting activities such as dancing and creative thinking. Mr. Power Planter cultivated Power Plant also on soil several times and was very satisfied with the results, too. When his first mother plant had become aged, he put her into flowering. This specimen should make history as "The Queen", as it grew into the mightiest product plant Mr. Power Planter ever had, with lots of giant colas, yielding a total of 120 grams of finest sinsemilla. Power Plant - a strain that certainly deserves its name.

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