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La manera fácil de cultivar cannabis en el exterior.


Muchas personas cultivan su cannabis medicinal o recreativo a partir de unas cuantas plantas de exterior.Es mucho más fácil de lo que uno cree y con las semillas y las condiciones adecuadas es muy probable que obtengas cientos de gramos de cannabis seco a partir de una sola planta.El blog de esta semana explica los aspectos más importantes que debes conocer para cultivar con facilidad tu cannabis en el exterior.


Planifica el lugar de cultivo

El primer paso para tener éxito en el cultivo exterior es la planificación.Deberás encontrar un lugar seguro para que tus plantas crezcan.Algunos se deciden por un lugar aislado en la campiña, quizás en el bosque, en un campo o en la orilla de un río.Otros tiene más suerte y disponen de un jardín privado o de un invernadero adecuado.El principal objetivo es encontrar un lugar que no se vea perturbado por otra gente o por animales (por ejemplo, ciervos, conejos, cabras, etc.).Una zona rodeada de zarzas es una buena manera de ahuyentar a los ciervos y las cabras.A los conejos los puedes mantener alejados de tus plantas con una barrera protectora de alambre de pollo sujetada por pequeñas piquetas.En el hemisferio norte, la temporada de cultivo exterior normalmente abarca de abril/mayo hasta setiembre/octubre.En el hemisferio sur esta temporada va de setiembre a marzo. Cuando al fin descubras el lugar perfecto para tu cultivo exterior, podrás utilizarlo durante muchos años.


Optimiza las condiciones de cultivo

Las plantas de cannabis necesitan tanta luz solar como sea posible; elige un lugar de cultivo resguardado que reciba mucha luz solar directa y con un sustrato de buena calidad.Muchos cultivadores lo mejoran añadiendo abono, estiércol, fertilizantes, etc. Si remueves la tierra, mejoraras aún más su estructura y su aireación.


Elige semillas de variedades de cannabis exterior de calidad demostrada.

A menudo, 5 o 10 semillas de una variedad exterior de buena calidad es suficiente para proporcionarte unos cuantos años de suministro de cannabis.Elige bien la variedad de semilla; este es un aspecto de tu vida en el que realmente no debes hacer concesiones.Las variedades de semillas Dutch Passion más populares incluyen la Frisian Dew, la Durban Poison, la Passion #1 y la Frisian Duck.Aquí tenemos toda nuestra completa colección de semillas para exterior.Vale la pena recomendar especialmente dos de nuestras variedades; la Frisian Duck es una variedad para exterior única con hojas que no se parecen al cannabis tradicional.Esto significa que es menos probable que tus plantas sean descubiertas.La Frisian Dew es una variedad para exterior consolidada; es lo bastante resistente como para sobrevivir al verano del Norte de Europa y lo bastante productora como para producir más de un kilo de cogollos secos en condiciones óptimas.


Primeros pasos.

La mayoría de cultivadores de exterior germinan las semillas en casa y cuidan de las plántulas durante las primeras semanas, cuando son más vulnerables, hasta que las trasplantan a su ubicación de cultivo final después de que haya desaparecido la última helada.Inicialmente, es normal regarlas con agua abundante para que las raíces se consoliden.



Ya has hecho el trabajo más duro.Ahora sólo debes dejar que la naturaleza se haga cargo.Algunos cultivadores prefieren no visitar las plantas demasiado a menudo para evitar dejar un rastro del lugar de cultivo.Sin embargo, es interesante visitarlas ocasionalmente para retirar las malas hierbas y la vegetación que entorpezca su camino.En épocas de sequía de verano, debes regarlas.Y, por supuesto, deberás visitarlas para cortarlas cuando llegue la época de la cosecha.


Cultivar tu cannabis en exterior es una tarea realmente fácil.Si aún no lo has probado, este podría ser un buen año para empezar.

February 27th 2015
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Comentarios recientes (16)

On 03 -03-2015 at 02:16 u Passion1 wrote:
I wonder what has proven to withstand the worst weather out of your outdoor varieties. I live at 69degrees north and would love to try this spring and summer an allmost all outdoor grow.i plan germinating indoor and ceg under led up to maybe 20-25cm then putting them outside for the hottest part of the summer. If you dont think about yield and potency but merly what strain out of passion1 ,frisian duck or others of your high altitude strains maybe that is the roughest strain for cold,wet,wind and so on. Problem is we have midnight sun in summer and often a very sudden fall with just a few degrees celsius allready in late august early september. So it would have too be your fastest flowering strain? Or what kind of autofem do you think is the rougheest outdoor option? Do you have passion1 auto or similar. Ps: i dont have greenhouse and know its a gamble this far north but the last summers have gotten better and better

On 03 -03-2015 at 11:27 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Passion, thats a tough question. Such difficult conditions make it difficult to grow so far north and there are no guarantees, but it could be worth thinking about an automatic variety like Think Different.

On 03 -03-2015 at 17:14 u Lio wrote:
i want to know what you suggest about nutrition in a outdoor cultivation. thank you.

On 04 -03-2015 at 17:54 u Eddy - Dutch Passion wrote:
Lio, http://www.dutch-passion.nl/en/grow-info/growing-cannabis-outdoors/

On 08 -03-2015 at 10:28 u Lio wrote:
i want specific number of quantity of the fertiliser and what type(ex. 5-5-5?) and how often especialy in autofem qultivattion. it's my first attemp. sorry my english not so well.

On 02 -05-2015 at 01:03 u Gordon Ross wrote:
What's the quickest cannabis to grow from seed indoors.and what gives the biggest yield.PLEASE HELP

On 07 -05-2016 at 03:01 u Reddusk farms wrote:
Hi Ed, cannabis is becoming a big deal in Oregon how that recreational cannabis was made legal whereby each household (address) can grow and have 4 mature plants cannabis plants. By question to you is about early flowering. Today date is May 6th, and i live in Eugene, Or. which is about 43 degrees latitude. In the past if i plant at this time i run the risk of my plants going into early flowering. Last year we had 4 Durban Poisons turn on us. It was a challenging time having to install lighting adding extra nitrogen and picking the flower starts. I do not want to repeat this process. This said when is the earliest time to plant in the ground our 2' high rooted starts ? Also does green house help this early start ? Noting it's all about the amount of light the plant is receiving that is key to the flower cycles

On 08 -05-2016 at 09:30 u Eddy wrote:
Reddusk, 7th May 2016. Most people put Durban outdoors after the last frost, preferably after starting her indoors for a few weeks under 24 hour light to establish herself. Starting them under glass is a great way to mitigate the worst of the early season cool weather. We haven't heard of any other Durbans wanting to start blooming so early, normally you would expect harvest in Sept/Oct after bloom started around July/Aug.

On 28 -11-2016 at 05:58 u Bucky wrote:
I couldn't find anything on your site about harvesting, drying, cleaning. Can you guide me to the area of your site that addresses all that?

On 29 -11-2016 at 10:03 u Eddy wrote:
Bucky, 28th Nov 2016. Here is a useful blog for you :-) http://www.dutch-passion.com/en/news-and-development/how-to-harvest-dry-and-cure-your-outdoor-cannabis-crop/

On 07 -01-2017 at 11:38 u Steve Dearinger wrote:
What outdoor stains will tolerate high humidity ? Growing in Kentucky in the Ohio river valley, not uncommon to have 100% humidity with average summer temp about 87 degrees days ,60's to70 at night. I would like high yield (of course) as I can only grow four.... Please help , thank you,Steve. Would orange bud be a possibillity ?

On 10 -01-2017 at 12:12 u Eddy wrote:
Steve, 7th Jan 2017. Look at photoperiod proven varieties such as Passion, Durban Poison, Frisian Dew, Frisian Duck, Hollands Hope. But you should also consider our new auto varieties, if you plant them in May they will be ready in July. Maybe harvesting at a different time of year will be a way around the issues? which is why I suggest autoflowering varieties as a consideration

On 13 -02-2017 at 20:29 u Tbob wrote:
is it wise to top and pinch autos outdoors

On 16 -02-2017 at 10:40 u Eddy wrote:
Tbob, 13th Feb 2017. Most people do not pick (remove) the growing tip of an auto outdoors. Yes, it will give you a bushy plant, but for many auto growers its felt to be a slightly 'risky' manoeuvre. So many don't take the risk

On 20 -03-2017 at 15:08 u David wrote:
Hi, what would you suggest for growing in a pot/growbag in a small greenhouse, in a small south facing yard in SW UK. This is my third year and getting better, but lasts only 3 months. I smoke (also thinking about baking) perhaps twice a week (more at the start) to ease my arthritis. Sadly, I have run out and do not like buying from anyone I don't know that can't tell me the origin of the deal. I do not want to support drug dealers and the like, that is why I grow me own for me own consumption. So, I need advice about the best to buy and get the greatest and strongest yield. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, David

On 21 -03-2017 at 15:02 u Eddy wrote:
David, 20th March 2017. The easiest way forward is to try some autos. They take about 90 days from seed to harvest. Auto Duck is recommended since it has an unusual leaf shape which is difficult to identify as cannabis. Just plant the seeds and water when required. Easy!

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