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Wispr 2 Vaporizer

Dutch Passion

    135.00 EURO
    135.00 EURO

Informacja o produkcie

Wispr 2 2 jest to sprawdzony i bardzo popularny waporyzator, który pozwala na 30 minut użytkowania po każdym napełnieniu butanem. Łatwy w użyciu i bardzo stylowy. Gwarantowana satysfakcja

Updates of the Wispr 2 2 include:

  • A larger butane reservoir for increased vaporization time
  • See-through window to check the butane fuel level
  • Flexible, foldable mouth piece
  • The new body grill allows the Wispr 2 2 to stand up and allows for optimum cooling

The iolite Wispr 2 2 vaporizer provides a constant vaporizing temperature of 190°C (374°F).

Wispr 2 2 usage instructions

  1. Fill the butane reservoir. As with all butane-powered vaporizers, remember to use only high quality butane gas! Look for the label "extra purified butane lighter gas" and "near zero impurities"
  2. Make sure the lighter is turned off!
  3. Prepare your herbs / tobacco and pack the filling chamber, then insert it into the Wispr 2 2 vaporizer.
  4. Push down the switch until you hear a click. You’ll hear a slight whisper and an orange light on the side of the device will become visible to indicate the vaporizer is heating up. This takes approximately 45 seconds.
  5. Place your lips on the straw and inhale slowly. When finished, push the switch upwards until it clicks. The heater is now off.

Detailed instructions are also included in the box.

The Wispr 2 by IOLITE includes:

  • Wispr 2 2 Vaporizer unit (2013 model). Length: 87 mm x Width: 70 mm x Depth: 29 mm. Weight: 128 g
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction manual (UK, NL, DE, FR, ES, PT)
  • Carrying pouch
  • 2 x Silicone Pop Out Mouthpiece
  • Extra mesh screen
  • 2 x Pipe Cleaner


Dutch Passion includes:

  • 1 x Free Dutch Passion Multipart Pro Grinder

, instead of smoking, is becoming increasingly popular way for people to enjoy their pot.  Vaporizing is the process of heating cannabis to release the active ingredients without actually setting it on fire (as in a joint, pipe or bong).  A vaporizer is a simple device that allows you to enjoy the benefits of cannabis whilst being smoke-free.  Following numerous requests from customers Dutch Passion have decided to stock and sell vaporizers.

There are some important benefits to the use of vaporizers.

  • Health.  Vaporizing your cannabis does not produce smoke, only a light mist of the oils and cannabinoids naturally present in the cannabis.  Your lungs feel better straight away; they are not exposed to irritating toxins or gases such as carbon monoxide.  After switching to vaporizers many people do not go back to smoking and remain ‘combustion free’.
  • Stealth.  You can enjoy your recreational or medical cannabis in a vaporizer without alerting everyone else nearby.  There are no thick clouds of pungent cannabis smoke and after using a vaporizer you do not smell of cannabis, nor can it be smelt on your clothes. 
  • Wealth.  Although vaporizers seem initially expensive they pay for themselves many times over.  Vaporizer users report that their weed lasts at least twice as long compared to joint smoking.  That is because smoking wastes a lot of weed which literally disappears in smoke. 

Vaporizing is a clean, healthy and efficient use of your cannabis and it is becoming increasingly popular.  We have been testing some of the best portable vaporizers on the market and will initially sell two of the best we have found.  In the future we may decide to add to others.  Dutch Passion has opted to sell only portable vaporizers so that our customers have the freedom to enjoy them outdoors or on the move.

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